June 12 2006

AES-nl meeting 12-06-2006 zie ook terugblik
bijdrage: Ir. Theo Verelst
Deze pagina: http://www.theover.org/Aesmeet
(A short reference to the meeting and this page is on diary page 34.)

Tafel demonstratie:

   Fotos aparatuur, met uitleg:

    Versterker chip/MOSFET, 2x100W RMS, THD 0.005%, geschikt voor muziekversterking

    Goede 16bit 44.1/48 KS/s USB DA (en AD) converter

   (see diary 33 )

    Geluidssynthesizer (DSP + CPLD en electronica in 19" rack)

   (See Theo Verelst Synthesizer Page, my Synthlab ,  )

 thesource1.wav    thesource2.wav 
 synthA1.wav (about 40 megabyte includes filter resonance and last part has reverb added, but is noisy)

    Studio Monitoren (12" 4 weg, + 15" sublaag (< 40Hz)

    (See also diary 33 )

    Biamped powered portable

   (see Mile2005 )

    Dual Core BlackFin 561 DSP gebaseerde 4 kanaals reverb

   (See diary page 26  )

( See dsp impression page)

Sampling issues

    (see diary 31 )

(Filter page, Biamp Dsp page )

Live (stand):

   Zeer goede DA converter voor CD kwaliteit
   met koptelefoon (Sennheiser)
   Opnames synthesizer
   algemene opnames
   (beperkt) interactieve Physically Modeled String Simulator software (invented and written by me)
   Realtime drawbar software for sine component additive synthesis, high quality, modular software
      (script language, socket linked with C sound engine)

   2 channel 16 bit output version of  high quality reverberation
   evt. command line sample processing, bijv. drum computer

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