Birdhouse Cam

These links let you film 10 seconds
of the birdhouse, and then present the result
as a link which lets you download a mpeg-4
encoded movie:

 Fast connection  full video size (3-6 MByte)
 Mobile Phone     DVD size mp4  (300-700KByte)

An actual unprocessed frame from the high Q links movie:

The last recorded movies (these links don´t trigger a new movie shoot)

   mp4 lower bandwidth (suitable for click-and-view on Nokia E90 Communicator)
           640x480, 25fps, mp4, 64kbps AAC sound
   mp4 VBR high bandwidth, higher quality, stereo sound
           720x576, 25fps, mp4 quant=2, 192kbps AAC audio

An example image with an actual bird:

Clearly, these is a reflection from the window, also the sound is from
behind a grid,the microphone is inside and captures loud chirps only.

 example audio only file 10 sec taken from a movie, coded in 44.1kHz, 128kbps  mp3 format

   On the other side of things, the video isn´t in any way processed except the pretty decent mp4 coding, and the cam is good, so there is now a web application with non-pixel-messed only little delayed live images at video resolution, and at full framerate. And the sound and video are initially near perfectly encoded in mpeg-2 by a hardware (Pinnacle, Usb) box at 6Mb/s, which is fed directly to ffmpeg which does mp4 encoding. And the audio also comes from a decent quality small stereo microphone with a little air contact with the outside amplified by the camera, and is first encoded in 320Mbps mpeg2 and then to 192 AAC which should be pretty good.
   Also the motions through the encoding are ok, which is easily proven by checking out the branches and leaves and occasional (they are there daily) birds flying and moving. In fact, even the low bandwidth mp4 played on a reasonably mp4 player can transfer a quite decent TV signal like CNN or MTV, including motion. Maybe at times the server will instead of birds serve 10 seconds of those signals, on the mobile phone the DVD sized pieces of movie look quite good.     Webmaster: Theo Verelst