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Jan 1, 2003 16:00

And I am serious. I usually am.

When my alledged friend or allies deny me my constitutional rights, such as to freedom of speech, and even respecting my personal life athmosphere, or turn out to be wraping and extorting kinds, they fall, and I take it they are against me after all, no matter which position they think they can claim in life.

And also I reserve my CONSITUTIONAL right to have my own opinion, claim or disclaim my own friends any way I hold socially and polically and ethically valid, because I claim the freedom to have my religion (as long as it is constitutional) even respected, according to the constitution, and WILL NOT BOW for persons or institution who in my not so humble opinion resemble certain braches of old catholicism want to force me to give up my own beliefs and ethics and force their own on me and others without discussion even.

I"m thinking about putting the above in dutch for those lesser fortune edifieds who cannot follow my english, and who might, after normal human logic, still have some interest in me, who suddenly seem to have disappeared from their lives again. At least they can read my materials safely, which is a great blessing, their are people behind the former iron curtain and in 2d or third word uncivilzed states who do not have such wonderfull opportunity at all.

That's for the political position. For the social one: I would have, after having literally worked for the Amsterdam salvation army head quarters, as fully qualified, official, electrical engineer, have ended on the street again because no one seemed to want to take me serious if it wouldn't have been for certain, not official, provisions here and there, and I it that there are blown up asses who claim for the love of god or money or I don't know what to be able to write a dignified and serious and respected and appreciated volunteer of as incapble of running his own show because he wants freedom of speech and is merely in need of some money to live, like everyone else. And that is my opinion, and I am CONSITUTIONALLY entitled, and probably psychologically valid, to have it. Especially as on of the most highly edified one of a major part of a certain countries scene, by far. And I mean from religion, over philosophy, over science, over music and life and artistry, I don't think there are many who can claim my veryfiable enough assets in al those essential areas of relevance. Let them try to be taken just as serious. It didn't work for the dutch gouvernment, maybe they weren't paid enough?

Maybe all those incredible secret circles who defeated in the revolutions which underlie most european state systems, too, aren't as high and mighty and especially not as desirable to consult and expect riches and power and personal growth and happiness from as evey american and smart enough jew knows? Jesus christ, somethimes I think I do live in the nuthouse in this country. More nuts than the french, the germans and the swiss together, probably. With the results to prove it. Economy down the drain, the middle and far east focussed at its dangers, the Americans as traditional to defend the real important values as first, the british and then some to follow, to make clear the moslims and the hidden extremists and child abusing familiy and triade clans cannot be put in charge over the world without losing everything that is valuable in the west except for some time technology and maybe blue eyes and blond hair and living jews and other minorities of higher or lesser relevance and desriability. For God or man.

I write so condescending, patronizing, damning and candamning, and so unobscure and unsubtle because other means seem to have failed miserably. I've been nice, shown lots of courtesy and love and friendliness, but that all would seem to have to have been to the honour and glory and benefit and profit and added power of a system and logic which I detest and despise, and which I'd rather have dead than existing at all. And that to is my constitutionally defended right to have as an opinion. I may have an opinion. Officially. By the highest law in this country there is. And I do NOT GIVE THAT UP.

This country stinks. It stinks so bad I can't stand the smell of it. I hate that. I do not like that. I do not agree with it, I do not want it, and do not want to shut up about it, I don't want to tolerate it, I don't want to live in it, I don't want to die in it, I didn't chose or agree with its existence in the way it is and I want it to change to agree more with its legal and moral foundations of already centuries ago, I don't respect it, or its advocates, I don't want it to prosper if childabusing extorting greedy filfthy and guilty of stealing lives and taking away happiness seem to at all cost have to rule it, I don't defend it in public press or arena or intellectual scenes I can have influence on, I don't give it it secrets, I don't want its crimes to be forgiven, and I don't want the changes it has gone through since second world war to be given any credit at all except than that its direction and public deeds and opinions are those of filthy fascists. And I hate them for it. And I reserve the right to have that opinion based on laws which are older, more respected, of more weight, and infinitely more value, personally and publically, than all those in public power minus a relatively small fraction together, and I do not get out of the way of a very clear and uncensored uttering of such most probably correct opinion.

That means that the suffering inflicted on me to make me shut up will not simply be forgotten and forgiven as some seem to hav thought, be will be widely spread and made known, without any gene on my part or going out of the way of the evil doers which are responsible or cooperating with the people and principles which caused it. And considering I am I quite exceptionally qualified electrical engineer, with the possibilities to prove it, they'd better not try intelligence games against me, because it may well be that I then turn out to be the most intelligent of them all in the end, and that all their pigly circles intelligence coefficients in the end simply average out and do not add up at all.

So how far must a man hand over or hand in all his assets, qualities, loved ones, honour, skills, education level, public presence, attractiveness, money making capabilities, being right, reasonable choices possibilities, personal thoughts and feelings and posessions, religeous convictions and God knows what else before he is finally taken serious? Not far at all, in my opinion. What am I, Job? No, I am not, and no self assigned pope system is going to convince me by force their religion is the only true one. Or powerfull one. When I see those tanks roll into certain countries I suddenly don't think europeans and their religion are the most powerfull in the world, why would that be?

So I was right that also in holland, God didn't make it such that they would have to make me bow for their incredibly powerfull system anyhow, because there is nothing more powerfull in the world. Horseshit. One nuke and we're all dead. In a sec. Depressing maybe, but true. No satanist or christian circuit is more powerfull. And I DID warn for that. They who seem to loathe my life seem to have a problem with that sort of reality. That if the smal nice unpublic about their private and corporate and social sins country with those bit more greedy and selfish than average inhabitants keeps their pricky world attitude, and the nuclair missiles may not enter inside their borders, they are altogether making themselves and the world a safer and better place. And no one can defeat that peekabo, I don't see the danger so the danger doesn't see me attitude.

Well, I'm more like a worldly person myself, and I think I cannot afford suich sworn ignorance of what power can do in this world, and let it all pass by without intelligent dealing with it.

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I´ve been doing some lowres videos:

        video4c checking out house pieces and sound effects, thats what it starts with. Then it´s moi about a lot of things..
        coin a flipping coin example POVray rendering as a very small mpeg video file
        The Little Lamb a story in ending in John 1 and 2, not for under age 14.
and some sound files (mpeg3)

        dikver dikvoormekaar show like piece
        Every day I have the blues trying out my new recording possibilities
        meedoen hardcore doom rap.

The videos work on latest windows media player, except some dont have working indexing for unclear reason, as it is you can copy the link location into media player's open Url box, and it should run. The sound files are mpeg type, just right click and download.

Ode to the fascists.

Wanna read my little poem? It was intended as a lyric, but I though I´d see what this piece of low level art is up to.

Hey Jude

My name is Jude,
Judas Iskariot

jude was a liar
jude was a bookkeeper
jude was a satanist

Jude didn't bow for christ,
he kissed Him.

fascists, motherfuckers
they all will bow for Jude
and his sign.

Jude was pityfull
jude is dead.
He killed himself
and rots in hell.

hey jude,
are you happy now?

hey jude,
I don't like you
I will not do as you tell me

Hey jude, be very affraid
I'll be right back one of these days
Cause I'm a voodoo chile,
but I'm gone be your hoochie coochie man
and I not dead,
I'm alive.

I don't kill to betray
I'm a full grown man.
Gypsy woman told my mother
day before I was born,
said you're gonna have a boychild comin'
gona be a son of a gun

Hard line after hard line
His people took turns,
but now,
you are gona burn.

Hey jude, you don't know me all to well,
but I know you,
I've seen you, I have seen what you do,
I've seen your ways and your person.
And now you're dead meat.

Six feet under.

as are your followers,
and your master.

because you couldn't betray what is not given to you

I'll not show you courtesy,
I won't give you some emphaty or of my taste
you lay your soul to waste.

I won't do what you suggest me.

Hey jude may your 5 talents rot with you,
your riches hang down into your hell,
with the pope,
and mousolini.

You're dead.

         Any suggestions to what this is ?