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April 1 2003, 18:55

No april's fool have hit me today, fingers crossed..

Maybe I spawn diary pages at too high a rate, they aren't read by hundreds of people from this server in a short time, which isn't worrying, but it shouldn't be that way. I know from tripod, and also from other pages that I'm read more than a bit, and since I've at various times in various ways received feedback, I'm sure I don't write in vain at all, so that is not the point, but there should be a lot of people I've known, or who are relevant in various ways, and they do or would benefit from these pages, too, I'm sure, they are intended that way, and I'm positive fullfull that bill. Not that hit rates are lame, no sir. More than some commercial server do, I guess, and its just good ol' tcl which is running the server on top of windows, on just private stuff, nothing special in that sense.

There are other talents which clog up or free or anything in between either cyberspace or you head with writings, pictures and movies and music, of course, some of them quite worth consuming, too. I see a lot going on, for instance in the place for saints to become token connected with their character their life and their graves, and the trading of a certain great whore system in all that in software and computer land. I am very certain that a lot of people would be much better of, when actual information on these pages is being taken serious. Seriously.

But it's fun too, I guess. And regularly entertaining.

So far for the commercial break. Now what?

The war in Iraq

We've had second world war, vietnam, I don't know how many guerilla wars, yugoslavia for years, and now we have the land of the eufrate and the tigris, probably the area Abraham left to go to Israel, getting rid of a dictatorous regime by americans and some europeans and maybe some more. With at least not grand 'we forbid' from the United Nations.

Well well, what are the americans, the worlds policemen? What is the cost and benefit?

It seems at least convincing certain media there aren't truthfull enough in even their hopes, and that their god is either powerless or lying or both.

April 8 2003, 13:35

I didn't put the page in the official page list at the data above, because not much was on there yet.

              A site a 5 min walk from my youth house, recently photogaphed by me.

April 23 03, 16:19

Not much was on the page yet, maybe that'll change now. Some of you readers may want to check out some of the stuff I've recently been writing and into, on what is called 'wiki'.

On a country road to mediocracy

I recently returned again to what is called delft university musisch centrum, which is like an art centre for people from around there with lots of courses and workshops, and of course instruments, course spaces, and all kind of equipment.

I noticed that they are into digital video nowadays, though the old (major big) svhs cutting machines were still there, on which I learned to edit and score video productions.

At about 12 kilobyte/sec upload speed this server is not altogether suited to serve video stuff neatly enough to realy be quality, though some stuff works, and even a few realplayer feeds would be possible.

When I was (still am I guess) quite known there, for instance for years in the progressive Jazz Combo (playing keys of course), I lived in the countryside,  though I was born and grew up in the dutch gouvernment city, the Hague. Suppose one would be born and raised in the village I rented living space for years, and would not by efficient transportation spent major time in a small or bigger city. Doesn't seem that healthy for any intellectual development of any relevant kind.

Not that it is province, it is what is called 'randstad' area, which is like a lot of green with the three major dutch cities in it, but seriously, provinciality starts in the suburbs, isn't it.

What is provincial? Probably something along the lines of: when we go to make it in the big city, as of course we all will, everything is great, and we still remain the head of everything and could easily rule the world.

The jesuit heads of local areas are called 'provincials' officially, too. Better belief it.

And where do all the roads end in the city centre? To some other road out again, or a dead end, probably. Where people at rougly that point are aware of it that there is nothing much to advance to anymore, unless maybe you make it yourself. Depressing, probably, but at least they won't have all to many untested egos, believing we soon will all rule the world. And that anyway we are sure than when it all 'coomes together' nothing much becomes worth it unless God is mercyfull or something. Or you just beat it all stay some reasonable morph of yourself in not the worst mode, and call it another day.

And why wouldn't one do that in such country site ?

May 1, 15:00

Herman is dead

He killed himself.

Jumped of the Hilton or some other top hotel near where I sort of lived.

Could probably afford to stay there in spite of his drug problems, because Herman was a famous artist. Musician, painter. Known overseas for some almost top hits. Maybe the golden earings could try to equal what he proved, but that's about it in holland. Which means hollow land.


Because everyone he had to deal with were fascist pigs? Because he didn't get paid for his at least not too sucking art, which is quite an achievement in these depressing countries? Because his girlfriend left him? Because his friends were just needing him to advance themselves and their satanist families? Because his protectors gave up? Because he was simply selfdestructive and untalented and unintelligent enough to let himself go to waste in that way?

I think he had had it with life the way he observed it and he found himself in, and no ok way out of. Didn't believe in 'it' anymore. In the possibility that something worthwhile would still exist and guild and errors would always be used against him to the bitter end. And that at least some of the art environment indeed prooved to be fascist enough to not even know it themselves anymore. I've met him there when I was there myself. Infantile would be a compliment for the ones who 'in the movement' (seriously) claim a whole lot of power and leadership for themselves on what to intelligent and more edified than them by now for sure resembles nothing else but a giant highway to hell.

With for some death on the end. Like (moderately) nice guy Herman Brood.

Must have at least been mismanaged, isn't it, or he wouldn't give up. I know of at least one supposedly (they claim it themselves, I fellow printed 60000 flyers with such information for the m*f*s) being 'in with top artists' in holland, and saw the coke addict (I guess moderately true, not sure) not even wanting to step in much because the first thing he'd have to leave at the doormat would be his selfrespect and name of international artist. And most of his talent to realy say something as good second.

My god he had to be like a little kid there to get something done his way, and he sure was talked about more concerning drugs then his art which must as one of the few have sold pretty darn well.

This all happened some time ago, but I was reminded of it when looking at the dutch parliament proceedings on internet video mostly.

I was near a scaffolding regulalry lately, with people of course capable of peeping in houses, annoying stuff. Probably not by mere chance I cought similar constructions on the dutch parliament internet live link, even when there was no meeting.

Right in the middle. Don't forget to notice the triangular ufo to transport the speaking alien out.

'That's the worst show I've ever seen'

Web video

I made a recording recently, and added some scenes to a rendering of AC/DC 's 'Highway to hell' of a few multitrack recording tracks which I all played myself. I made a video in windows media format of it (about a minute), which is fine to look at, though the camera I could use looks better uncompressed, but that file at least fits easily on a piece of a CD, which cannot be said for the uncompressed raw footage, which would take several CD's to back up. The file is about 20 megabytes large, which is too much for most download purposes, but if someone wants to try the quality and thinks it is worth it, have a look.

I made a few more 'decent' sized versions:

    realplayer version:  for 56k6 modem (or 32k) in real-time
                                 for 80 kb/s (double isdn, light adsl) in real time
    mpeg version:        7 megabytes download with right mouse menu 'save target' for higher quality
                                (if you have at least 128kb/s, that should take 5 or 10 minutes on this server)

The music as I wrote is a short and not true to the original (I for instance forgot to tune the 5th chord a but higher..) free interpretation of highway to hell, which tells us a story about life AC/DC long ago already told us.

no stop lights, no speed limits
nobody's going to mess with me.

Mine is a heavy enough version, bass, rock drums, synthesizer, and of course a lead guitar, and lets the heavy and complicated enough rythm freedom, the guitar soar in ways not like the original but more like a wall of sound, and the 2d synth get's both into (very nice) 70's and sustained rock concert stuff. The whole production didn't take me more than an hour, though I practiced the song, and mixing was just about instaneneous, I mean I didn't actually do anything else than live istruments playing together would do, except I go them on seperate tracks.

   Highway to Hell mpeg version about 1.7 Mega Byte, by Theo Verelst

Don't blame the synth, the fuzzy high and not completely balsy and sustained  mid low and certain kind of compression comes from the cheap AD converter and the mpeg compressor.