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Feb 11 02:19, 2010

Well, what a fast new server it has become! And now the notebook from '06 which was advertised as the workds' first High Definition notebook has been replaced by a i7 notebook with 15" HD LED screen, and a GT540M graphics card for which a Linux driver doesn't even yet exist on NVidia's own website...

I recorded some actual top jazz, for those who want to hear it: ehwyg.mp3  256 kb/s mp3 stereoo, 3.8MB
It's a take on "Everything Happens When You're Gone" from Michael Breckers brilliant and classic jazz fusion album "Don't Try This at Home" (not because otherwise the new style council comes to bitch you, but because Nobody Can...).

Menawhile I started on making a close-to-perfect "resample" program, which uses the theoretical reconstruction "sinc" function to for instance make a correctly resampled 192kS/s version of a CD (44.1kS/s) song, using the I7's power. I've used a audio format conversion program to read and write for instance wav or flac audio formats, also in 24 bits. I can read and write and do things with the data im memory correctly and fairly efficiently at the moment. I've prepared a big malloced memory space for long integers which are to store the resampled data, and I plan to add sinc function components with a convolution filter length of over 3 seconds (!, not milliseconds), according to the sampling theory and corresponding better weith my own esimation of required accuracy during the process, compared with a dozen or so samples in all kinds of polyphase filters I want to use more like a few hundred thousand samples per output sample. I didn't exacty compute how much processor power that will cost, but the I7 can do  about 20Giga-double computations per second, and I can also use Cuda possibly for this purpose, so we'll see....