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May 22, 18:32, 2011

I did a little experiment today, described below.

BBC HD, BBC ONE HD and bbcs and itvs (non-hd) satellite channels are back on my cheap what is it 60 cm dish and nore than half a decade used super cheap receiver antenna! I suppose the "rationalisation" that led to (too) weak signal except for ITV-High Definition by limiting the "footprint" of the satellite transmitter cones is over or ended in letting me share the great BBC HIGH DEFINITION channels on the media machine with old !) meter sat cable still on it..

I often view on the I7 machine with the GT430 cards' VDPAU h264-, decoding- and inter-frame filter capacities, though the upgraded pentium-D with 9500 card is fine too. The signal passed live to the server over 1Gig (or actually 100baseT because the upgraded pci network card in the media machine somehow interferes with the sat card a bit) done with the fast I7 can be stunning at times, given the  right filter settings and the beeb encoders doing their work properly.

Complicated music (re-)mastering setups with linux in 192 kHz

To drive these 192KSample/sec. signal processing blocks, it is possible to get a pretty good sample conversion by using -q 3 parameter with alsa_in (from recent Alsa tools) or similarly with  Mplayer filter:

sounds very good and neutral, and its nice to have 8 channels of  DA-converters with -90dB harmonic distortion on the server and even 2 on the cheap but good I7 notebook. These can go directly into the preamp of my main audio system or the powered monitors I made, for excellent sound.

RF sinks and sources

I think there are dozens around.

Aes meeting Duran audio

21 inch bass speaker cardoid and dipole demostration in the rain.

video from mobile phone

Rock voice and HD vid of me playing some harmonized Kurzweil PC3 sounds

Only the digital output of the synth was used, and only (live) sample converted from 24 bit 48kHz to 32 bit floating point 192kHz.

see youtube

Here's the same in quality enough 256kbps audio:  harmo5.mp3 (26 MB).

Screen dumps from the I7 server (Running Fedora 14/64 bit Linux) showing harmonizing voice processing setup (the synth wasn't receiving more effect than ONLY some added Lexicon reverberation):

automatically generated jack signal connection graph.

The jamin effect is FFT-based (pretty high quality library), and is mixed with a delayed signal for harmonizing the voice (mine) in the recording, in this case in a fixed manner (unchanging throughout the recording)., and I could hear the result live while recording.

the AT 2020 frequency compensating equalizer (in 32 bit floating point running at 192 kHz).