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Sep 3, 02:21, 2012

So the pond I dug looks a bit more like muddy water, ina natural way. I'm not so convinced after years the wter is good to drin for cats and birds, but they seem to like it.

A new computer ?!

No way! At least, not really, it's the same motherboard and I7 chip, the enclosure from like 2000 or so, and the same "green caviar" WD hard drive, but it runs Fedor 17/64bit now, has a new "platimum energy grade" KiNg Flower 550Watt power supply now, a new Zahlman CPU cooler, and a new Asus GT640 "Kepler" graphics card.

Also, I added two Sharkoon ultra quiet 12cm fans to keep the machine pretty cool. The better than 90% at low loads efficient supply unit (from a German supplier) operates fanless, unless it would get really hot, so normally, also under load, the big fan never turns at all. Because of the extreme efficiency of the supply, the whole machine draws under 80 watt in normal rest operation, with the graphics card active. Maximum power should be about 130 W for the I7, and 75 W for the graphics card, and them the mother board, peak use for disc and usb, etc, which remains way under the 650W max for the supply.

The whole works good, as the "new" 24/7 webserver, HD TV, vcr, web browse machine, video/audio encoder, audio processor, etc. In rest the graphics card remains 35 degrees C, the CPU somthing like 42, the mobo and hard rive about 35, so it should work good. The old CPU fan was the original Intel "copper core" one, the Zahlman has more mother board cooling associated with it, and has heatpipes, so it cools well, even though the fan might be a bit slow at 1500 RPM max (compared 2000+ RPM for the original under huge load). Thus far the temp remains under 63 degrees, but maybe the bigger loads require extra fan speed.

The Zotac graphics card I had in this machine from when I built it broke down, and was taken back by the manufacturer. 24/7 with peak temperatures of 60/70 degrees C was the limit for it, which I didn't like. But I got a refund, and the GT640 Nvidia/Asus card is quiet, and can cool very well so I can use huge VDPAU video smoothing filters, which is great for TV and High Definition sat movies.

Cuda doesn't work yet because thecompiler version of Fedora 17 is too new for the Cuda 5 download I tried...

This fan can almost not be heard:

I did see sparks once, though:

The connector wasn't isolated and touched the frame, ough. Maybe because it is a modular supply i didn't have any errors, everything kept working fine.

The i7 notebook Iuse received a 15 euro new fan coming all the way from China:

It's not exactly the same as theold one, and maybe not as quiet as it was at first, but it works, and i've got the old one as a spare. All the screws went back in place nicely, it appears a decent design, this Asus.

High Definition Satellite

The ITV1-HD (the explicit HD one) at night broadcasts movies which arn't much processed anymore, so that the quality has vastly improved, which I'm very glad about.

Click on these images for the full resolution screen dumps, which look eally cool. I didn't process these screendups they're really "live"  from sat TV, but I did adjust the VDPAU video accelerator to filter in mode 4 (temporal and spatial filtering) quite a bit. And dithereing is on. The card doesn't get much hot, 50 degrees celcius with fan speed of 10 to 15 percent, but power use of the machine is up from under 80 Watt to about 150W.


I'm glad the machine holds up fine with these high definition materials woring great on one screen with other applications.

"Life's higher values"

I saw Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris"  and Polanski's "Carnage" inthis theatre:

Good food:

Well, drinks, it goes in the Kenwood blender.

I liked looking up sites in San Francisco on Google maps:

Looks like a nice place to live.

Aes meeting at Phillips labs Eindhoven

Still more CD correction signal processing

I've added a 44.1 k Samples/sec domain to the 192kS/s sampling domain, to do more CD sound corrections. This appears to work, though it cannot all run on one machine at the moment, and not everyting there is to correct is yet corrected.

Some Pictures

Not bad for phone cam.