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Jan 31, 01:55, 2013

Tony Platt

Famous studio person, having recorded with amoung others AC/DC and Foreigner, gave a seminar in the north of holland. Iwent for half the day, and recorded a very small HD video clip.

What did "we" learn ? Well, the places he was talking about sounded interesting, but he explained some things from microphones to an amount of processing, but I don't think I heard much about what I've recently been doing.

The example of a number of separate tracks of a Bob Marley and Wailers song sounded interesting (in spite of the godawful monitors used).

Mixing the Kurzweil

The Prophet 12 !!!

HDtracks sells half to outside US customers !!

Mastering or processing master tracks

Is it fun to watch film on the 2560 wide screen ?

yes it is, but like always, no media are properly normlized to at least some standard, unless it's a good bluray, so all settings have to be adjusted.

The Maniadrive Formula racing (on the computer)

Did I make it honestly through these levels of computer races ?