Theo Verelst Local Diary Page 114

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Sep 18, 17:00, 2013

Free light (after an initial 4 euro 95) !!!

These things don't like boiling without water..

The Biblical Museum

1000s of years ago people thought and painted, too:

That's the I7 notebook on my right, to check videos and pictures, easy with the USB Sony connecting to Linux:

Artis Zoo

Watch this youtube with zebras.

Some interesting pictures/screendumps

From here on the images can be enlarged by clcicking on them.

computer graphics !

Multi compression from "Calf" with graphical interface, running under Linux "Jack"

A new issue of Subzynaddfx:

Blurays (bought) ripped and played on Linux, to test studio processing, and the great looking NVidia VDPAU

Frame from Sony HDVideo: