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Mar 22, 22:13, 2014

I was at the Hermitage:

Added to the watched Bluray

It worked to make "backups" with the windows/bluray PC with a well known program for that purpose.

The beach

I still runs (the light isn't broken, just needs a new glas):

Wild Parrots and HD video recording

The big studio audio processing graph

I made meters with names, and most of this processing constellation starts up with a single (shell) script:

DVD and other sources processing for film

from Sony HDV:

Latest Xilinx Vivado and Webpack

I didn't do much with it yet, but I've installed Vivado and Webpack on the I7 extreme 6-core machine, on the Solid State Disk:

The Eco32 worked through the webpack. I'm waiting for a good working example compile for Vivado from the Parallella project.

Some nice screendumps from ITVHD and bluray:

The big processing chain running on a remote X server (running on the I7 notebook):

It works, after hours and too much fuzzing about, there was a stall.

The Raspberry PI

I tried it for using as a serial port, It works, but I need to check out some retransmit timing setting for certain bit rates, which I used for the Eco32 on the Spartan 3e board I have. I could compile the software for it (monitor, system stuff and the C compiler !) and was able to download eco code into the fpga from the Pi, but not always reliable (requiring reset/retransmit).

running Mathematica on the Pi:

AES meeting

I've made video, and processed a few parts, but I'm not done yet.