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Thu Oct 9 15:02:15 2003

After quite a long time, with some work, new pictures and other activities, another diary page. Maybe readers which were used to seeing my pages will pick up on it, otherwise I guess I'll make clear on some of the older places new pages are being made. The # hits is far from negligable, but I don't follow who's who, maybe just some sort of evil parties are the most faithfull readers unless I make some more people aware of updates...

I was away, and I'll put some pictures up, I did some new software and installation stuff I'll mention, and I feel it's a good and important idea to discuss some issues I'm sure the general public so to speak is ill informed on, or is not willing to think about much, even though that is important.

Famous French Paintings

I made a page with some famous french paintings which I photographed and digitized myself in Paris, which is sort of fun. The processing of the images was done on a notebook I could use, which makes them a bit on the dark side (they are supposed to be dark though) on some other screens. Also, I didn't put the highest resolution images in, maybe I'll make an autoatically generated picture page set with on-demand or at least multiple resolution in the future. Why this free service? Because its nice enough, good example, its nice to have, and just because nobody pays me doesn't mean I can't do some work right. The paintings I see as representing artist and I guess intellectual vision and perception from the respective times, which are the beginning times of mechanisation and industrialisation. The artists working with lighting effects sometimes makes me think that they tried to think like a modern graphics lighting engineer can think, too.

One world religion, the hierarchy's keeper

As I mentioned many times before, because I belief it is important and because luckily dutch, european and other laws warrant me the absolute right to bring this opinion forward unhindered, the great whore from Rome as mentioned in Revelation (last bible book written by John), will in the end gather up all false religions in the world, and as it sais in that book:

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication. (Rev 17:4)

The greek word Porneia is used where fornication is translated, which means whoredom, with probably selling as its root. Also it says the kings of the earth have committed adultery (against God) with 'her'.

Is 'she' realy that evil? Isn't the world church system in fact just a bunch of Christ loving, deeply religeous and humane, honest and hardworking, nice and gentle believers who in essence only want to teach God is Love or something, and don't want to be so hung up on (correct) teaching and doctrinal issues. Like 'God loves everybody' and don't make war, be nice to your neighbour, and don't be such a pain in the but difficult, calvinist, unbowing protestant. Mother Mary wants the best for the world, and why don't you join her???



No. 'She' isn't.

Realy. Believe me, I've been there, too, observed it, but knew it from long ago lessons and bible reading. The most horrible things are in her, she is the greated abomination for God on this earth, reimplementing the horrors of babylon under a christian cloak, and has at first secretly but later openly brought in all the things in the fake religeous and anti-christal world which were most of all and primarily bringing about the anger and the revenge of the real God in the Old Testament, where the old babylon is mentioned as the greatest curse.

The abusiveness of Our Great Whore Lady in Rome and here small and big affeliates and projected affeliates is warned for in advance in the new testament, and includes I guess most areas of life including child abuse, oppression, exploitation, power freed, wrape and torture, lying, and the will to world dominion and satanist ways to achieve that.

Don't believe me, belief either the bible (historically valid, when done right usually reasonable and profitable) or their own 'company guidelines', or if you like 'club rules' or even more realistically 'vatican city constitution', which would never allow it in the European Communion. Ever.

Is that important? Of course it is! Who would want to join an socker club which is actually an illegal weed plantage, unless they want cheap joints? Who would want the world nature fund to waste their members gifts on a senseless and papertree and energy wasting bureaucratic hierarchy which doesn't save any nature, except the name of the donators for as long as it takes?

But more importantly, who wants their city or vilage reigned by the SS or NSB (second world war Nazi organisation based on oppression, violent control, betrayal and grave abusiveness) unless they would be Nazis themselves? And would the nazi system every rule with democratic (even national) consent? I'm sure after spending some reading time that in nazi germany they were not in power democratically, and they never could have, they didn't have the normal democratic support, number-wise.

And essentially, who in their right mind would want to return to the middle ages where everything would be controlled by the official and nearly omnipresent papal system sucking on every bit of life they can get their greasy and dirty abusive hands on ? Some filthy rich families which can buy and oppress their way to the top, maybe, at strategic times. Child abusers who would like to take their 'hobbies' to professinal skill level, avoiding having absolution by getting on the side of the hierarchy ladder where they give that themselves, and become pompously powerfull and rich along with it. Natural hypocrites who need a yet bigger cloak for their real intentions.

Rarely a poor soul seeking true salvation, I'm sure, and when such one looks for that in the great whore, they'll be sold cheaply before they know it.

Is that so? Yes, it is. When we give power to that system, never anything good comes from it, and it is a complete amalgane with satanism and the evil religions of this world, and it states its own purposes, and gives away its secret and not so secret plans clearly enough for those who want to read and get out of her damning works and presence. Lets start by having a look at their own real fundamental, long standing purposes and rules, of which some probably officially date back from a few centuries after the origins of the bible books of the new testament. The main statement of faith of the roman catholic system is called The Categism of the Roman Catholic Church, which contains their statement of faith, their official christian teachings and principles.

As it is now, probably forced to take part in the technology, and because they nust still appear as the most advanced and attractive (but aren't), the whole thing is on the web: