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Nov 19 2003, 11:45

What a mess. I didn't all to neatly deal with diary pages lately, basically because I'm not motivated enough. Not 'down' in general, but sort of taken aback by so little sensible interest, and by some of the responses I picked up from a general bulletin board of a political party.

Appearently my hunches, which I though I picked up, were right that

   a) The Netherlands have apart from me, personally, also in general been evil and miserable even more than I would have projected
   b) The general level of people dealing with the major delusions in the world and the let us say upbringing in intelligent enough and independent opinion sense, and understanding of the evils of the contrary which were reasonable when I was a little kid in the 70's, is fairly miserable.

So I take it that for the readers of these pages, who don't belief their spirit guides or evil inspired gut senses to be put of that, need to be instructed or edified in understanding such essential things.

Then again, why would I want to teach anyone that? Maybe many people are just bad and don't deserve that effort at all. Probably there are some who I'd wish to understand, and I'm sure in general, I, too, am better of with reasonable views on life of more people.

So here we go again.

Oh, I didn't forget, maybe there are some evil people reading this, people with evil intent, and who want to spy and scheme, and implement their SS like plans. Than anyway I can say I respect the constitution, want to deal with things correctly, and at least am not secretive, and publically verifiable as to my views and some important things in my life. Which at least gives me the advantage of being the more credible and honorable than most parties I've been in touch with the last time and probably all my life, which in general western thought is generally better and preferable.

Dutch parliament

I'm at the moment following the proceedings (if that is the word) of the dutch main (second) chamber of parliament, which is not exactly a feast, though it is good to have the life (with some ten seconds delay, though) picture and sound in a little corner of the screen to work with.

The joining of various nations of the UN is being discussed, which leads to all kinds of strategic-like considerations of appearently not democratic nature, and not even the usual dutch political mumbo jumbo, but completely wronf inspired crap, mostly.

There is still only one party, called d66 , democrates '66, my birthyear, started by a famous politician called van Mierlo, als having been in a UN function later on, still alive to my knowledge, though not correctly honoured in this country I always picked up, for being right, to begin with, which seems acceptable, which at times seems little short of miraculous.

I wrote some things about moslimhood and yesterday the bbc broadcasted an interview with some moslim doc who simply claims that for instance israel is in their opinion, broadly brought forward without relativation, is occupying islam territory, and that one in fact is also in a state of war with Great Brittain for instance.

Morally acceptable to be a moslim when your leaders think that? That's like saying the spanish catholic oppressor must be forgiven for their ruthless dictatorship and oppression because they are actually religeous, and (keyword) even christian. Jeez. Or that Hitler at least got economic results, so he must be valuable to God for his beliefs. Horrible.

What would the moslim religion require of its believers, besides ritual animal sacrifices