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Sat March 20 18:17     2004

Another diary page for whoever wants to read it. Made available to the (first and second mainly) world which has connection to the world wide web, probably in many places for free in libraries, in a non-demanding format: no special html formatting or ccs, mostly not even javascript or java or even frames, only text with basic makup and images. Some images are not very small, so they may take some download time on slow modem lines, but they are usually progressive jpeg, so you get a course impression quickly.

They are on a local server where you can access them over https to get a secure download link, and then you can compare the server certificate for authenticity checking, and where there are no banners, no provider add-ons or quirks (as far as I know) just plain pages served fairly efficiently, over a reasonable bandwidth, and, also over a secure link, you can type me some feedback if you like.

I've been up to a number of things in my circumstance-limited possibilities (where's my ton of money...) and I gather it is at least usefull to work on some long standing subjects.

Tue June 1 2004, 18:10

Wat's new?

Well, more than a few things, that cannot be ignored. I was in france again the last time, with good wether, and a car I could drive without that it broke down, as it could have...

Some pictures:

A street in a small village in France, with a moederately priced recent HP camera, to experiment with it.

In the context of SourceForge I though this was an interesting sign in a little small village (I forgot the name Barbara sais it was Vernantes) in the centre of France, though maybe it has bad origins, like freemasonry or something, as I I think was being remarked on the Tcl-ers chat. Freemasonry is about abusiveness, the allseeing (evil) eye, playing God without honoring Jesus or Him, and of course everthing which has to be so obscure most likely has a lot to hide.

The sign in context.

I photographed this rose as a try-out. I'm not all-pleased by it, but at least it was worth the try. A more photonet like remark would be that I was playing with the diafragm/shutter time in combination with macro distance.

In Amsterdam, I saw this poster on a bus-stop,with a truck behind it, a blowup of the poster:

"Money that profits nothing, a waste of money"
Where for the word 'waste' the dutch means also 'sin'.

The slogan 'this bank thinks along with You' was a famous slogan decades ago, but then of another bank, and than the slogan rhymed... I remember because I was head of the technical committee for a big stage-play in highschool, where they used it, too. This bank was a sister bank of the bank I used to use, long ago.

After I've been tried to be called officially crazy (didn't work of course), also for making this king of circuitry with (literal quote from some social worker coming into my house at the time without introducing themselves or me haveing asked for them) 'nice coloured wire embroidery', I though I'd make it again. I WAS an official , most succesfull and respected student assistent at Delft University, electronics practicum, for years. In fact I even started as a young student at request soliciting before the official age, because i was good enough, and assisted physics students through their practicum who we only a year younger.

I knew when I was twelve what these circuits were about and how those parts worked, I probably was some form of a miracle or hyper-uintelligent child, but thank God that was never an issue. I was quite normal, had all kinds of friends and girlfriends I played with, I'd play socket on the street too.... But anyhow, I made electronics and digital computer circuits which were  more complicated than most EE practica in early university years ever are. When I was a young teenager. Really, ask my parents, on a day they are not in a lying mood.

So I know that this 16 bits binary counter with reset and presetable, and three state output biffers, and LED (the little lights) readout is a usefull part when dealing with computer circuitry. Here someone is pressing the button which drives a debounce circuit to count one step at the time, to learn about digital counting. Never hurts to learn about the basics of computers: many people have more crazy theories about them then I've ever been accused of.

A studio setup with a 70's amp and my self made one on top, which sounded very well, also to others' ears. The commercial amp had the startup issue mine to some extend has a bit more: a major suge to the mains when switched on. In fact instead of tfe effect of timming the light visibly for s split second when switched on, the commerical amp blew an fuse regulalry when switched on...

The GOD channel

Since the advent of digital television satelites in the high frequency range, the number of available channels has become high enough to allow devotion to all kinds of topics, of which most probably one of the most influencial ones is religion.

I've been able to look at ASTRA II channels, in fact over a mobile set which can work while traveling, and witnessed variou shows on what is officially called the GOD CHANNEL, in fact a few of them, GOD 1 and 2 and some others, probably already longer known to european sattelite viewers. I think it's on the internet as well.

Video clips designed to compete with top stuff from some time ago, religeous sermons seriously claiming charismatic type life/thinking and serious authority, news flashes a là CNN but without their professional lack of fear for errors, all the christian subjects, sort of protestant angle, an amount of reporterly appearing objectivism/relativism.

Is it good stuff? No. some of it is probably reasonable, an amount of it is real bad, another amount probably bearable but rather useless.

It depends on your angle, in my view the majority is not preacing about reality enough, and only a optimist would take that as coincidence. A channel-wise view would have to compare it with shopping channels and such on one hand and BBC (1 through 4) and CNN on the other hand.