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I've been doing more homework, started robbing libraries of the better books again, and all that, even my old studybooks, which are fine enuugh, so I might be doing relevant writing again, and will start with some major homework and very relevant writing, which is worth reading, and not just picking up in spirit.

Also I'll put some more download goodies on, my latest string simulator, for musicians or programmers who want to try it out, I added some more midi compatibilty (though still just channel 1) and it does sound well now started just by itself, but you'll need the ddl's in the same directory. Allways good to show my programming capabilities realy are up to the strandards I claim, it should be such, anyhow.

I've done some music, and probably will put some on the bottom of this page, as well as more video, which should be visible almost realtime from where it stored, and certainly about a relevant subject. When many decide to download, I'll have to find some solution.

Prelude to the hidden and not so hidden dangerous and evil forces in the world

The real hidden forces in this world who in history have proven dangerous and very evil are important to consider for what they are, how they work, preferably who they are, and what the reason is for their existence and power.

We all know when we think straight that religion is probably the main reason and factor in major long term power games which underlie much of the misery which doesn't come from clear temporal or geographical reasons, or from simple enough human misconduct.

I know man is inclined to evil by nature and not capable of being saved by himself according to most protestant religion variations, which are probably the only historic religions in a long time inclined to appreciate some truth at least for real, and in my opinion in essence can be connected with the rise of the western world system, which of course isn't anywhere near acceptable in the whole of things, but I don't think anyone in it wants to swap places with the rest of the world, while the reverse is quite common, and that is not because the rest is exploited to provide that reason, that is it is not primarily a certain way because it sets out in this time to exploit the rest of the world. While of course that happened for centuries in a state organized form, too, and mustn't be ignored or forgotten, like slavery shouldn't, but I'm sure confusius, mohammed and the pope wouldn't have invented and promoted abolishion or democracy.

And it wasn't a collective giving over to some spirit and great system of enlightment with great visions of colours and states of mind inspiring unnatural behaviour and desintegration of persons which made for areas of progress or less decline in life. Because the new age thought and deamons, which is a good way to describe what hidden circles have been cooking up for society with their miserable intentions, are also a form of religion, we should become aware of how that is, if we want to escape it's perils and circumvent the dangers and threats it poses for rational thinking and healthy behaviour.

The country I currently live in is going nuts and more so by the day. I'm sure anyone who wants to see that as some very effective damnation can easily be thought to be right. Especially to normal behaviour in people dealing with eachother has it heart been completely taken out, and left a gouvernment system, trust, and social makeup which is horrible, and leaves almost nothing but horrible fascist ways, with little dignity respect and attention for even the average interhuman values, except maybe with a few rich and powerfull, as usually, and most of all people are so occupied with both evil and stupid logic in their minds and spirits that it is hard enough to even make understood what I'm talking about. Except maybe when I play the piano very well, or do another of the things I do realy well and happen to find listeners or viewers for which can no longer lie about what is what. That is not the way things should be, when the personal betrayal is sort of heading in the direction the nazis simply greeted eachother with: 'sich heil', and then think is is all going well because everyone together is at least going to rule everything together. And kill the jews or anything else alive and not listening to them in the process if one isn't carefull.

So now we might be on the verge of kicking some long term ugly head out of abrahams straight line traveling route from the river bands of the eufrate and tigris to the promised land overfowing with milk and honey. 'We' being a misnomer when UN and europe's 7 or 2 don't join and the us of a take that work upon them alone, maybe to defend their oil resources, maybe because they want to show off who has the biggest whatever, or maybe because bin laden, saddam (what a name) and the pope's creepy and milleniae long cancering beliefs and personal makeups realy do have secret and world dominion seeking ties and common plans.

In case that is likely, we would better want to know about it, and leave the apocalipse for a time when it will happen and not bring about a great depression for all the time until that happens if we can find the grace for it.

We know that it is possible to live in reasonable freedom and even in some peace with the ideals the reformists and likes got above the table half a millenium ago, but we also know that the forces in the world which could probably be brought down and destroyed by the weapons of western technology, still exist and that more moslims are born per minute then is ever going to be good for the world and that an endloeschung for such problems is never in sight when we start believing all the world is a wonderfull place where we al together can join hands and proceed to the end of the rainbow without a worry on our minds because peace and wealth are there awaiting us, only under the condition that we give up our person and mind to the greater 'thing' to be which we are all one with and where that wonderfull filling up outomatically makes a new people with nothing to worry about. I belief such naive belief and guide for personal makeup will not work and have desastrous effects.

So we should discern what the various factors involved are and deal with them each according to their nature and character: religeous issues on the basis of knowledge about religions and preferably the spiritual and God, maybe based on historical data, society based upon everything sensible between the greek city-state philosphers and sartre, secret sects based on the motives and our knowledge about where and who they are and what they want, institutionalized socil systems based on what they are. And life we could want to take as everything of those things together on both world scale and at the personal level, and to want to be happy in it, or find satisfaction in it

Who decides on wether we go to or live in heaven or hell? The pope? You local priest? You yourself, or some unchanging, almighty system or logic? Or mere chance? When it concerns all important things in life and maybe our eternal destiny, if indeed such concept exsts, we'd better know what we're dealing with, and how that all works for real, and not belief in fairy tales or makebelief or propaganda. Especially not when it is clear that the parties wanting to influence us do not have good intentions.


Yesterday the internet connection was out all working day, following me reading up on a centuries old sect with very clear and treaserous ways: the jesuits. What, are my ex catholic 'friends' who want to 'have' the 3 major network backbones in holland making clear they still have 'incedible' power and that some secret circuit realy is able to check what goes on and respond in a rather ineffective and revealing way? Or is that just getting paranoid, and fueling irrelevant hobby thoughts? Anyhow I don't think they even got the ideas of broadcasts, IP principle design considerations, commongood encryption and beyond or the simple idea of realy making my information streams white noise to anyone except who has some essential decode information, or whatever. I mean I know that catholics are about ruling the world and that I am about kicking them out of such powers, and that I intend to and will win. Which isn't about little things, as I'll make clear in the section about science.

The branch of catholicism started by Ignatius in about the 16 century, in the time when reformation must have been sensible to the great system of power and exploitation in rome which still very much exists under the same name it seems, the jesuits, is like that same system: based on lies about the true content of the bible and its straightforward  interpretation, and it is aimed at probably the highest calling of lying believers: to act like the head of that system: the father of lies and the murderer of humans, the devil, who as the bible clearly states loves to present itself  as an angel of light.

So angels of light they want to be. Eagerly, and as their master, they love it, and it shows. Not that they are, but they talk about apostolic calling and work, 'pontifical and majestic' organisations and meetings, boasting is allowed in seems, very much discuss the love of God and to neighbours, though the statements themselves don't ever involve themselves it seems in a way which costs them more than it gives them, and it is easy to preach to love one's neighbour from the high and mighty and filthy rich and informed position they have in the catholic hierarchy.

Probably they are amoung the most powerfull and effective in that system of whoring and keeping whores and all they can exploit, and they, in my not so humble opinion, are the most instrumental and the head instruments of squeezing out information  and connecting God's holy man and women, especially the ones with considerable influence and power, and I'm sure the position and relevance the jesuit have in the catholic hierarchy has to do with the effectiveness of their betrayal of the ones who have to do with the real Christ.

Their spiritual methods and systems, as made clear by ignatius, are similar to the catholic worship of idols and deamons, and their prayer life is treacherous and fake from the very unset, and aimed at the most effective taking of a position of wanted (and therefore fake) humility, seeming godfearing and authoritive representatives of the Son of God. So that the world and every undiscerning christian can be lured by them slowly or quickly to be betrayed and fed to the big mama.and her ways of idol worship making adultery against the real God.

So in short they're the kind that infiltrates preferably in the most sensitive and hard boiled brances of life and christianity for the sake of spying, being trusted with important information and power, and to in te long run get their greasy rome empowered tentacles on everything good and worthwhile and serving Christ and holy and of religeous or worldy value. And because that system of rome is rich and powerfull, they, more than anyone can try to blackmail just about everything when they relay want to, to get such kind of power that rarely a soul can stand up against them when it concerns the important subjects involved: religeous authority and world dominion.

The ss of the pope? The ss was more visible as such, they're more the (probably hated for that reason) sleezeballs who want to claim they real love you and important positive sides of life even better than you, and that you can safely let them in and let them rule your life and emotions, and put your temporal and eternal fate in their hands, which are of course quite more capable than most others. Or they just suck, threaten and push so much that you give in to their self ascribed authority and sucking personality which seems caring and socially important, and find out at some point you were just had by that great whore from rome again.

So can they be stopped? First we should focus on wether we can recognise them and their works. And make clear distinction between true christians, and reliable enough parties and their kind and the system and idols they server. So that we know by whom we are tempted, tried, charmed, pressed, seduced or deluded. For unknowing souls, it may not be trivial to see the difference between a leader of moderate christian abilities and standing and a jesuit, though some jesuits are quite openly so.

There is an ignatiushome in amsterdam, which is run in three major areas by official jesuits, the director, the computer manager, and the religeous strawman

You don't belief rome is rich and strives for world dominion very actively and with great zeal, and that they realy do get involved in everything, especially religeous, even if it takes them much work and centuries of time? That system is still there, as probably the only world wide visible system besides the existence of the original christendom, in the same place, with similar rules, with similar riches and power greed, and with similar fruits: braindead people, suckers, subdued, exploited, devoid of much person and opinions and real freedom, breeding without birthcontrol if it is up to the pope, preaching family values greeks and romans even had more progressive and sensible views on, and especially: the system still wants to be the only representatant of God and christ in this world as the basis for its power, and gets way to many followers to take that seriously.

The main point being they suck around everything which is true and valuable and from God, so that people can be deluded it is them who indeed can be seen as God and his works, instead of being taken for who they are: powergreedy liars and schemers wich no good in themselves and nothing special to say by themselves, except lies and deceit. By using great swelling words, as we well know from their head fag, and its childabusing subordinates, the world is seduced to think they realy do have something to say about religion and every person interesting in it or the ways of the world.

And the jesuit kind is most instrumental in deluding the more influencial to belief they are something good and needed, or at least an interesting power factor, and worth a little gamble. With your life. With everything that is dear to you. With all you're realy worth. And for what? Recognition? A place in their heirarchy of power? Do you know that in their catholic system, you're never going to be more than a layman, which has not even the right to get involved in a leading position with them, there realy is no democracy in that church system, none whatsoever. The clergy rule things, and they speak to you, and you must learn to obey, that's the picture, and nothing else.

They aren't free, of course. Just like the whole of catholic hierarchy and it slaves, they have been betrayed and must betray and stay under their cover of sins, and keep their vows of lies and oppression and killing of their inner circles of mysterious ritually gaurded 'higher orders', and they can't be free in themselves because it would immedeately show what they were made of, which is invariable to ugly and bad to mention, or they'd never want to serve in the positions they are in.

Of course it is very temping to play the role of important christian or religeous leader, that realy makes people tick, and can strive for the highest humanly imaginable authority, pride. power, riches and influence. Look at all those sheep in a sunday church service, aren't they all wonderfull subdued, susceptible and mouldeble and formable and exploitable, because they know that may go to hell if they disobey, and the spiritual and social secret police is informed of their every private lifes'  detail and emotion, especially when they are important.

What a power potential, and what a tempation to be the actual head of that! In the place of a shepperd who does care about the real senstive issues and problems and life's diffiulties, and who does not hold his position higher then his sheep and his wallet more than the honesty in his words. It is not hard to imagine why apostles and prophets who are of God and who are in the world because that real God sends them are the primary and long term and rigorous and dilligent target of the worst kind of traitors and abusers in such ways which populate the earth. Become like a real influencial, charistmatic, personally invloved, deep believed, and rome and the same inventors or the new age 'let all the universe float into your spitit and make you a better man' and the same sponsors of world wors will open theor pearly gates of riches to you, to secretly bring in damnable heresies into the most important of God's own to begin with, and have the devil and its catholic leading satanists laughing at their downfall.

It is not right to trust such kinds because we can project so much niceness in them, and because it is such a thrilling game. It isn't in the end, they are who they are and will not change.

Am I sure about the existence of such kinds, and their relevance, also in the worlds great games, such as the clinton circuits, and what there all is? Oh yes, and I'll make clear why.

First lets simply go on the web:

   the head sucker or the "superial general" (no sh*t, it sais that) or whatever, a dutchman for years already, of all nations... a little quote from the beginning:

On the Social Apostolate



Dear Fathers and Brothers, the peace of Christ!

1. A few weeks after the opening of the Holy Door, I would like to recall that the Great Jubilee of 2000, like every jubilee, is a summons on the part of our Creator and Saviour to re-establish lost harmony and to advance in social justice. The loud trumpet - the yôbel - which sounded to open the holy year, called every injustice into question and gave hope to the poor! When Jesus begins to preach the good news, his anointing and mission are "to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favour."

Interesting phrases:

3. Authoritatively synthesising the progress of the four General Congregations after Vatican II, the Complementary Norms affirm: "the contemporary Jesuit mission is the service of faith and the promotion in society of that justice of the Gospel which is the embodiment of God's love and saving mercy ... This mission is 'a single but complex reality, which develops in a variety of ways'" in the very varied fields and works and activities in which Jesuits are engaged throughout the world. Despite the considerable difficulties and our many failures, we look back with gratitude to the Lord for the gifts received on this "journey of faith as we committed ourselves to the promotion of justice as an integral part of our mission." The Society has evolved to the point where GC34 voted unanimously in favour of the decree Our Mission and Justice, and the vast majority of Jesuits have integrated the social dimension into our Jesuit identity and into the awareness of our mission in education, formation and social communications, in pastoral and retreat work. In many places the concern for justice is an essential part of our public image in both Church and society, thanks to those ministries of ours which are characterised by love for the poor and the marginalised, defending human rights and ecology, and promoting non-violence and reconciliation.


9. "Christ came to unite what was divided, to destroy sin and hatred, and to reawaken in humanity the vocation to unity and brotherhood." The crying needs of the poor, the radical demands of the Gospel, the insistent teaching of the Church, and the prophetic calls of our General Congregations, leave us far from complacent with our response. "The commitment of the Society to a radical life of faith that finds expression in the promotion of justice" has been, is and will be a great grace for us all. Much fine work is already being done and much renewal is already underway. With profound gratitude we appreciate the work done in the name of the whole Society by social works great and small, by the Jesuit Refugee Service and many Jesuit Volunteers.

These few pages suggest why and how to strengthen the social apostolate, locally and beyond, so that the social dimension of the Society's universal mission may find ever more concrete and effective expression in who we are, what we do, how we live. "How much the Society will accomplish" - declared Father Janssens at the end of his Instruction - "if only we unite our forces and, in a spirit of oneness, gird ourselves humbly and resolutely for the work before us!" May the Lord Jesus, with the intercession of Mary our Mother of the Magnificat, enlist us ever more fully and radically as servants of His mission.

Where am I in this grand picture of amazing philantropy?
The social gospel is a known error, I knew that one 20 years ago, its like labour will save the world instead of just making sure its members aren't all too ill paid, or that social schemes are suddenly going to purge the sin within man. Not biblical.

Just to make clear I hold different views, which are not compatible, I quote from Mathew 10, verses 21-,
And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against [their] parents, and cause them to be put to death.
Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

And a man's foes [shall be] they of his own household.
He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

That's Jesus speaking to his disciples, in clear enough words quite contrary to the above sucker. Clearly enough.

The jesuit stuff is more like: try to love your neighbour a bit more, layman (like: 'boy') and let us do the leading for you, you're just in the way opf world peace, don't you know that, work a bit harder, make us clegry a bit richer, what are you wasting my time for when you're not that sort of peace enough to let us actually have glory over your back of such kind. Seriously.

What social injustice do they mean? That there are rulers and masses of subordinates? That there are rich and powerfull and poor, exploited and information havenot's? Especially in their own church. Or do they, lacking power in their own system, now try to take over the intellectual property of the century and a half revolting left when they are not anymore in much demand or direct power struggle? Are they trying to convert labour into the new age of rebirthing the lower classes as some collective spiritual sacrifice, or high-mass because they would be susceptible to the idea of finding a 'higher way' to convince the powers that be to follow their desires and meet their purposes? So that the less authoritive looking and 'friendlier' left would succom to the lures of these suckers who then on a scale of friendliness would score even higher as in God: almight,  pope: authority,  rightwing world: pricky,  leftish world: friendlier,  jesuits:new even friendlier (best and better friendly ones),  suckers (who still believe people can be actual christian and of undefiled frienlyness).

Finally about these pieces, mind you of the official head of the lot, in their own miserable words, I mean I just cut and pasted them from their own site. (see also link above), the stuff about mary. What the hell is that motherf* stuff about the God damned mother of god sh*t doing in a writing in for crying out load the post space age? This the third milenium man, what are we, bushman running around big moma trying to find wether mother mary is going to grant us a flat or curved earth? Pray to mary. Jesus Christ.

Is that black mary, or it that the white one from indian statues of 3000 years ago? And did she fuck her own son yet to make her own husband out of it and become her own egg and get god down with it? Or would it be a nice big breasted jewish one, unmarried with child who never consulted with her in his whole lifetime much?

Not that I cannot imagine what it can mean, reading a bit of ignatius helps me making that more clear: the church of Christ which is the real church, that is not the physical building but the people who together are His, are called Jesus' bride in the bible, as in a comparison, and they do not so much represent Him on this earth it would seem as the pope claims, but they are living in this world, and his own and appearently as a whole in the end will prove to be compared to a bride, thus we may assume and attractive woman, which is called a great mistery (in the meanwhile). It requires little imagination that the ones who make up that mistery are of great interest to the ones who cannot stand the light and flagrance of the real christ, to get that which He want, and blackmail Him with it any way the eternal and almighty God seems to have left space for, always filling to the fullest their measure of iniquity. And that they try too keep up a spiritual hack with long buggy life which tries to search for what that woman of christ could be like, so as to demasculate His works, put her and him under some image of something more powerfull or supposedly skilfull (her mother, possibly in law), an push away the true images and people with such crap, and of course try the same game themselves, a mother/lover/redeemer/god figure all can have and take part in is probably a ancient way of charming little boys and girls alike to have images in their head which smart and powerfull and secretive ones can form and manipulate. And play jeleousy games with it all.

Lets discern lie from truth here: the 'mother of God' idea alone, let alone it instigation is pure and as intend grave blasphemy. It is. And it is completely unscriptural. It comes from babylonic heathen religeous habits from long ago, and has no scriptural foundation whatsoever. And without question can be refuted by hundreds of bible verses, of which the main one is from the jewish old testament, repeated by Jesus and written down in greek by his disciples: 'Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with they heart and all thy sould and all thy might, and they neighbour as thyself, an dyou shall have NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME'. Let alone such a ludicrous  concept of a jewish girl being supposedly still virgin after she gave birth and had another son at least and who is physically dead and probably with God already 2000 years.

Cybele (and yes, the corresponding deamon strongly responds to the name) existed long before jesus as an idol, and oh yes, people belief in 'her' and her amazing white or black or whatever 'appearence' or 'astral body' or 'fluidal presence' or 'loving soul companionship' or whatever occult construction was idol to the very damned and miserable long ago already. It is the same construction, just like the inscription, or whatever it was, the pricetag for all I care, I forgot, which still is on the papal chair of 'honour' dating right back to the old babylon to confirm its connection with the new.

Revelation 17:5- speaks about:

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:

18:4: And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.
Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.
How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.

Historically, at the time Rome was known as the city on the seven hills. What other system of idolatry could be depicted here. And they still claim to be Christs only representants on earth, imagine that, with the jesuits are their main suckers into the higher regions of the world. Yeah right. I can feel their blood, this is easy enough, I want them all mine. Had by the balls if they got any, they're gone loose this imformation game, just like before, in reformation. And its too much misery to let stand unexposed. Realy, it is that system which is described in revelation and other bible books, and which is wanting to rule the world, and which is quite capable of taking along the 'new age' age idea as a little contemporary thread to serve a little purpose to try their next great scam which will greatly inspire their fellow conspirators for centuries easily, leaving the environment and nuclear arms in the the dust, and cousing misery and emotional and spiritual miseray and general dumbness and exploitedness and bondage. Be not deluded by their janus head. Check for yourself wether they are affected at all by the games you and your own would play when they are the the backdoor of your spiritual house ready to claim all they can make use of in a seemingly unstoppable greed and humanlessness, or wether your emotional constructions, and the social constructions with your friends and loved ones and your enemies and relations are up to the kind I'm discussing here. I bet some things could crumble in no time, be bought, sold and betrayed in the whink of an eye, and all would be theirs in average miserable thinking modes.

And beware of what they want (see below for clear backup directly from their own circuit): there are only a few things powerfull enough in the world to realy stand up against them, if they are forced by God or man to make themselves known for what they realy are, like some realy big enuogh and knowledgeable enough countries together, the enola gay and little and fat boy, the 50 states with so many powers that shouldn't and some won't be, God himself, and maybe some believers with enough weight and holyness or seperation from that system. The moslims would be incorporated in no time I guess, maybe some secret rich organisations or branches of mankind could try, but rome is a tough cookie, I think terrorists would only win if they'd focus right at that system and then be an army, which they never seem to be. Don't get me wrong, I know there are lines here, long, historic ones, I'm doing my reading, and as I wrote before under the Brown headings, I intent to take from start to end, altogether.

Oh, and the bible doesn't for the right kind of believer utilize the term 'proposterous presence' (joking) or 'General Congregations' (literal quote  of the head of the sucker division), rather, the term which is translated with 'church' (ekklesia) means something to the extent of the ones 'called out of', signifying a motion out of something, maybe like Israel out of Egypt, their house of bondage when they were slaves there.

The following one is of great interest for those wanting to find out wether I'm just being full of shit talking about such organisations as alive and kicking. No 'this or that may not be in', or 'this is this clinton' or 'you may not enter' stuff going on around this stuff it seems:

   "The Intellectual Dimension of Jesuit Ministries" about how poland is to be won for the greater  catholic system, and what snakism can be used for the purpose.
Before you know it, we'll all be catholics, isn't it. I feel motherfucked quite differently with this sort of stuff, gets my gallblatter working, and it raises that 6.5th sense I got used to when I trained myself (seriously) in a bible school situation. This stuff can be all mine, I can refute just like mein kampf in minutes per section, often by simply just checking what is sais, and especially what it exactly doesn't (which you would hope and easily think it would).
Lets cut some of this down straight away, and the rest a little later, let thees weeds not get wieldy if we can. Than again, I'm sure this stuff acts as the damnation of bad people, too, and that works, I'm sure.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is for me a source of great joy to meet with our collaborators in this magnificent Aula Magna of the Ignatianum to share on the intellectual ministry. You have a right to know how we Jesuits perceive the nature and mission of our educational institutions. Even university and cultural circles at large seek to know the spirit with which the Society of Jesus enters the world of science, research, academic instruction, and cultural activity generally. The reflection I am about to submit is also meant to give impetus to the process the Polish Jesuits are involved in of defining their presence in the sector of education that after the fall of communism is experiencing a tremendous growth. All this is taking place in conjunction with the worldwide assessment the Society is making of its commitment to university education and the role it intends to play in it.