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April 26, 2005

The manchurian candidate

Some time ago I saw this movie:

I got a free saturday morning ticked from a friend, though maybe if I'd known I could have just qeued up at the cinema (near the Ajax station in Amsterdam) and gotten in for free at this preview.

I didn't really know about this nazi kind of thing where people in line with old nazi doctrines belief to be released from historic and maternal bounds in their lives by sacrifices and certain treatments by secret nazi doctors.

Paying attention to the public channels available for normal citizens, I'd say this secret movement isn't exactly small, and probably exists in the lines of the satanist or satanist inspired so called 'illuminati' idea, and that it would better end to exist for the sake of the good people and the general cause.

Taking power over history and peoples lives is of course popular with many bad people, and given the strong curses and punishments of God (as I presume from normal biblical language and looking around, also in christianity), especially when it concerns idolatry (lets say worshipping of Kennedy instead of God) and when it concerns bad doctrince and information about how life is supposed to be like the scribes in the bible taught people against the will of God and Jesus, greatly damning mankind and the jews to begin with in that time.

When currently the nazis, the scoffers, the liars, the fake apostles, the hypocrites, the unreal christians, the magicians, the mammas boys and the worshippers of evil and evil ways take over what should be the legitimate role of the good and God-fruitfull people for the sake of freedom and righteousness and even prosperety, the fruits are accordingly: popular music close to dead, politics only just escaping clintonization, world life depressingly unreal after so much life, interest and goodness in the 60s and 70s and christian scenes nowhere near acceptable, probably at a century long low.

So much confusion, delusion, desillusion, lies, evil power structures in public and private lives, and so clear gates of hell overcoming what should at least have some place amoung the known christians, that's real bad.

Those nazis where of course quite influencial in the thirties and fourties, and the secret neo kind is still present in these days, not so secret, but probably scaring people, and not always easy to recognize when they reintroduce certain types of human sacrifice and social theories and power structures for those sensitive to demagogy.

First year electrical engineering important mathematics

As almost everyone probably knows, the study to become electrical engineer (at university, becoming a master of science) is probably the hardest of all, requiring the highest intelligence, endurance, etc.

I started in 1984 (a mythical year because of Orwell..) in Delft University, in that time still the top university in holland and amoung the respected in the world (it isn't anymore real toplevel) and I was amoung the top 10% students which made it through their first year the soonest, in june, with more than average grades. In fact that was after I had flunked three quarters of the courses in the first half of that year, which I made up on top of the normal courses in the second half, which is a challence I don't hope I ever will need to repeat... The result was good though, all those heavy courses (except two just not good enough out of 16) on my name, fair and square in the shortest possible time, with notes up to 9 out of 10, and the feeling that I'd therewith proven I would be up to the rest of the study, as was rule of the thumb. Half the starters would have to leave after 2 years without success and try another study, 50% failed altogether.

First year mathematics were 70% of the curriculum, pure mathematics, except for EE and other (physics/mechanics) examples, only mathematics. Amoung that: Taylor expansion, that is approximating or row-analysing a function in some point or on its domain where it is infinitely differentiable by taking a number of derivatives to make an approximation polynomial.

Here a page from the book from that time, 'analyse' about that principle for functions with 2 arguments:

Good for computer graphics and approximating 2 dimensional graphs.

The God channel money drive

I'm a (fellow) member of WBGO New York jazz radio (internet in my case) though I couldn't have been the one paying for that, which is fun, for some tens one becomes part of a community across the ocean, and supports the idea of a internet based radio being sponsored into existence. Which reminds me, they had a interview planned for broadcast last month I think with Mr. Dave Brubeck and I have just missed that on the internet radio, but haven't seen it in the archives, I found this audio interview on the web though, and I remember he's in sessions@aol videos.

They every now and then have what they call the money drive because they are 'member supported' and need to remind people to send them money to pay the rent, the salary of the D.J.'s, the equipment, the electricity, the transmiters and the internet server. That's fine of course, they exist of some public fund, commercial gifts, and listeners/members gifts/fees. All fine, and seems to work already for decades: every what is it end of the fiscal year (?), a week or so is spend to bring money to the attention, or frankly jerk a bit for it, well, if you don't like it, don't tune in during that time.

The God channel is a big satellite enterprise searching for world wide satellite coverage (currently europe, africa and australia), and it currently is looking for 10 million pounds (about 15 MegaEuro) to sponsor the next year of broadcast and the new studio and uplink transmitter in Jerusalem.

Now a semi commercial Jazz radio has not exactly the same appeal and goal as a christian television channel, but I prefer the former I guess.

The chaps and the logic and the jerking and the pyramid thoughts in the christian channel are appaling. Graceless, often unregenerated, earthly, uninspired and shameless denial of the real secret-circuit money sources if you aks me.

     click the image for a short mpeg of piece of broadcast
    (36 megabytes)

So is the idea bad? No, why, seems fine with me, though a world covering eye-in-the-sky may not be such a necessity, especially given the rather dead and and not very good at all content (except for a knowledgable viewer to be confirmed in their prejudices).

But then some real inspired christians, preferably believable in the will of God  should be the main people, not some strange mishmash of strange people with nothing significant to say except the obvious pyramid rubbish and preacher type money jerking lingo.

I don't think if the real Jesus would currently exist to walk around on earth he would be invited to the show, and probably the scribes and the pharisees comparisons hold as well.

So is this wendy character only held short when some (woman?) friends helped her to get this channel started a decade ago by a (obviously) fake marriage, control-circuit and a truckload of false preachers? Biblical error, it seems, and not nice enough to mention. People still trying to cross my teaching about those subjects because certain  rigtheous ways threaten to be just a bit too powerfull, and certain reasonable power and renown for certain people is making certain circuits and people just a bit too jealeous? Is it so pity full in christianity? Well, since the good things went and the catholics and jesuits and hidden organisatioans were invited in its a lot worse I'm sure.

     click the image for a short mpeg of piece of broadcast
     (25 megabytes)

So what about the Taffy and Creflo Dollars, the Meyers, and (uh oh) the

The best bike shop in america ?

Or: the he-man custom bike company owner putting the spy boys in place.

Would be a boring show if it wasn't so real, now it's quite fun and illustrative.

Maybe I should get some type of guys and galls together and start a custom synthesizer and power-stereo company or .org and tell them every day to clean up and keep things tidy and become famous with that.

After I wrote this (but hadn't yet web published this page, though people could find it by asking the server for the next logically numbered page, I won't feed you with those annoying random page numbers or url-invisible page indicators) I saw this at the nasa site:

    Stars of 'American Chopper' visit Johnson Space Center


Diary Pages Hit Statistics

The advantage of running a server with pages on it can be that the statistics of how many and which people look for certain pages can be generated, depending on which server it is and on how it is set up.

Mine is a tcl scripting language based server called tclhttpd which is customized by me from a years old version (it's on sourceforge I think) which rarely does anything strange or bad, and from the (limited) statistics I store I can find servers' IP addresses and sometimes check a few, for instance when I made some new page or have a particular interest, and I know the normal traffic is about 10000 hits per week or so currently, a portion for tcl (and some regular) wiki pictures, some for the google, microsoft and other robots, and mostly some for 'in demand' pages like when I just made something and people are interested in it because I posted a link in a publicly noticed place like a forum, or whenever some people check out things via the (somewhat widely known) homepage.

So how often are diary pages seen ? I just issued this command to the server machine (from another machine, using a xterminal connection from cygwin while the server is running and the same machine is encoding video for transfer over a network):

What this means is that in the latest server setup (after a disc change some months ago, probably before the page was written) the server has received 337 requests for diary page 20, of which 64 were from local machines. One more for playing private FBI, diary page 21 got 98 hits, of which 24 from local machines from this and a few other recent enough diary pages I take it that about a hundred readers or so is reasonable to assume, though I'd have to check for unique IP addresses to be sure.

So in the order of a hundred readers, well, that's not bad, but must be way more of course... And of course I don't necessarily know who reads them, apart from The Enemy!

Loudspeaker Theory ?

Of course I've been using the public libriaries good service of being able to look at and read books about interesting subjects such loudspeakers.

And then I don't mean which motherf* speaker kinds will do what with certain motherf* mpegs and certain motherf* amplifiers and DA converters to get some miserable motherf* audio effects, but I mean, suppose I got this 0.004 % distortion 44.1/48/96kS/s heavily oversampled and interpolation filtered, PLL controlled neatly filtered DA converter, directly connected to a heavy, very straight, very fast slew rate, 0.005% harmonic distortion at 50 Watt (1kHz) amplifier which I can feed with a (normal) CD signal with some necessary or subtle equalization, and full sized, 4-way high quality speaker pair plus a heavy and tightly filtered 15 (!) inch subwoofer of good quality, and I want to make sure I hear some good music?

Well, first, pick some good CD's or other musical source.

And then the question is, how are those 9 speakers working, and how can they be made to sound like they are supposed to: straight as an arrow, full 20 Herz to 20 Kiloherz range preferably, with low harmonics, intermodulation and transient intermodulation distortion preferably, and hopefully satisfy the human time domain hearing capabilities too with a good transient response and phase or group speed response, and preferably even spread all frequencies nicely over the listening space.

That's the general and of course insider-known picture, which I can't measure completely currently, because I've not got access to a whole rig of measurement equipment that would be needed for that, though a good AD converter, which I've made, can be used for serious measurements, possibly with some of the sort of measurement microphones I use, but that's for later.


Mainly, the beginning is to have a goo understanding of the main model of a loudspeaker of almost all kinds that it is a piece of cardboard or plastic (impregnated paper) with a certain mass (lets say 50 grams) which is driven by a number of windings of electrical wire forming a coil, which is in the magnetic field

Loudspeakers in practical use


Great sound! All the high, mid and deep bass without distortion, bass reflex booming, etc. at 2x100 Watt cont. + about 200 watts cont. 15 inch sub woofer. Audible through the whole street, super concert quality at a few tens of meters, but not super loud for concert levels.


Playing disco from a balcony, in this setup with about 500 Watts to make that work. Major sound, of higher overall quality than most people ever hear. This was the power centre:



The 1000W (max) car amp setup woth battery charcher and the 15 Inch subwoofer it drives in bridge configuration.

Just after in the park nearby:


Bi-amped Powered speakers

I'm working on a double stereo amplifier which will be built in a speaker, with a electronic, active separation filter for the pioneer woofer and dome tweeter.


This time no glasswool (which works good though) but commercial damping material.


and kit for airtight rims.


The result


the back of the slave speaker with 4 x 1.5² wiring ending in a singe jackplug for the bi-wiring (*seperate connection for woofer and tweeter)..


4 amps with cooling and toroid transformer supply and 2x5 volt stabalized ready after testing. The transformer can do 120 Watts continuous.

in, volume, out, power.

I'm working on an active (with a OPA 2726 high quality opamp from Burr Brown / Texas Instruments) filter, 12 dB/Oct around 5kHz.

Toslink DVD copies

Ever tried to rip sound from the windows digital audio internal virtual bus? Using the Recording Level dialog choosing the stereo mix to get the overall signal digitally, and finding out you cannot just get the unchanged signal? I was annoyed and thought I would make something better with those nice TI chips I have as AD and DA converters

The link between DA converter and AD converter

     A macro view of the TOS link digital optical audio output I made

    An example 'rip' click the image for a medium quality windows media file
    (30.7 Mega Bytes)

Galleries ?


Brrr, they give me the money blues it would seem, and the level is often very disappointing I'd think from experience in Amsterdam, but I thought I'd feel sort of strangely at home in a certain way when I biked past this exhibition opening, and took a picture.


Because of the previous diary page where I compared some dutch misery with a monty python scene, I thought I'd add the right scene, hoping this is no copyright problem in this diary page (the quality is low, though not bad).

     A store in The Hague, near Het Plein, a special parrot store...

Bill Hamon, Jonathan David and the Swaggart Sons

Or the false prophet, the false apostle and the nazi jugend waiting for a new hitler.

In fact they'd want to be called, lets see, Prophet-Apostle Bishop Pastor Doctor B. Hamon and Presiding-Apostle Senior-Pastor Dr. J. David.

Well well.

Well well well well well, well well.

How about that.

The prophet-apostel (? not a biblical term) and Presiding-Apostle? Jeez.

That's (almost ?) higher than the pope!

For the uninitiated (remember in a past life I was both a bible school student with diploma and officially baptized) these terms are new testament terms from the bible.

In the old testament, we would have important elected persons like Abraham, presumably God-appointed leaders like Mozes important persons like Ruth, worldly leaders like David and a greater number of (old testament, jewish) prophets like Isaia and Jeremia.

Since when are the ministries in the New Testament heriditairy and family bound ? Since when are apostles settling down with a family? Since when is it possible to be (local) pastor (shepperd?) and a global church apostle (with local authority as an elder) which is supposed to travel

Since when has bragging started in the serious ministries areas? Well, I'm sure the pope and the jesuits in the first century would have wanted to be the pompous supreme, ultra plus summa highest and most elevated office in this world, given by God, supported by all holy people and God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit Himself.

Anyhow, I figure this hamon guy is a minor prophet according to the person impression the site gives me, and this david guy is not even a reborn christian if you ask me. Given the name, he without question from a christian family.

So how have they made their christian oriented careers?

Not by listening to the real Holy Spirit, God and the Lord Jesus, that's for sure. So how then? Beats me, I guess having good contacts with the motherf*s of the world?

And how about mom Swaggart and her boys ? It sure isn't 'pa swaggart and his sons', that I've never read or seen anything about, it seems to me he plain hates them, though he is somehow trying to keep his head above the ongoings. Well those boys I recognize easily from my own family background character: a bunch of as yet unsuccesfull nazis.

The New Age Identity Dispenser Machine

Is that like talking about wether the satan exists?

No, the new age is there for real, see a previous diary page (See "Will you join on the way to the Rainbow ?" and "The two babylons"), it's inspired and led by satanists (regardless of wether that thing has been seen around lately at all) illuminati (those rich bad chaps who think they are or illuminated then the actual enlighenment), and all kinds of bad religions, mainly headed by catholicism, but you try to get them to admit that...

It seems to me that liarish people (in general) first have a great need to receive or obtain a certain identity which makes them credible, before they can try to obtain some public role which is to last and to be known on world top level, and, like in the maffia but worse, the leaders have to have some means of getting their followers to believe their lies and to make them feel good about themselves, their leader(s) and what they are doing, so as of the old days it is of course very poolar to have a worldwide secret religion which tells people all kinds of crap about what and who they are, preferably real good stuff.

And when that shitpile (like the twisted turts on st peter square) starts to ascend to heaven, very soon every normal value and human dignity starts to devaluate. In holland, ideologically and religeously speaking until ideological bankrupcy already a few decades ago (long before I ran out of money).

Blackadder meets Schmitt. Or the Fonz in the Muppet show with mussolini.

A little stupid party music

In holland it is also customary that 'below the rivers' people get into 'carnaval', I tried a little carnaval song, but I'm sure it's too complicated.

Here's a free (but copyrighted be me!) wav file of the result of this multitrack recording using my self made AD converter for 4 tracks of Yamaha S90 synthesizer sounds, played live, no overdubs or corrections or noise gates.

Other painting

I pictured some other woodwork, around ikea products...


Synth Demo at Delft University Cultural Centre Midi Studio

     Announcement at TUD EE building

Scrapbook material...

The demo went fine, about a dozen people.

The next small thing: desktop video

Well, I've finally gotten the blackfin 561 double core blackfin to pass through and capture frames of decent home video/tv/vcr video signals, and convert them from the memory back to a video signal which can be fed to for instanve the small 12 Volt video viewershown below.

Currently, the board is being programmed as a reverb unit, delaying a signal works fine already, and I've managed to use the new 4.0 VisualDSP on this (was cheap !) rev. 0.2 EZ-LITE board.also for programming the audio app in Flash Rom.

   Example Synthesizer playing with delay added through the additonal blackfin board,   wav file  (20 MByte)

On the left: a new alternative for the CoolrunnerII CPLD in the synth, a Xilinx SpartanIII FPGA demo board, lots of gates, up to 500MHz speeds, 12 18 bit mulitpliers on board, and I've indeed found them on the the devenv IDE, and I've myself compiled the clockmon example from sources (including the downloaded picoblaze) and it talks nicely over rs232 with a tcl program I made, and I've also changed the prom message with success.

Powerfull stuff for rather small price, the monitor output works neat on a normal TFT screen, as well as the keyboard input.