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Jan 28 2003, 6:18 AM

My old parental home's near corner with a tree debunked by storm

A girlfriend near a beachhouse last summer

Video, my own music

I did some (mostly solo) video things with a simple cam, and relatively low bandwidth, most notibly one where I go on the web and check out the wonderfull secret service of the roman catholic religeous and world system called the jesuits. I'll put it on later, I think I need cutting to make it reasonably sized.

The jesuits?




Pictures I took from their own website (I forgot which one, its a northern french or southern belgium one, its just on the web, nothing special or secret). What do they say? Remember that jesuit missionaries were really cruel and probably considered the most vicious breed of secret circuit with great hunger for hidden power and influence. I've seen major amounts of books in the university library on the subject over 4 centuries, which I'll delve a bit into at some point when I make time.

They realy do want to run things and are evil, belief me, those spiritual exercices are not the Holy Spirit, and they are not for fun.

tvrock2 is a rock piece made in a few takes by just me, way too good for the AD it passed through, but heh, mpeg isn't everything either, it still sound stronger than most things, especially of these days' charts. Check it out on the new Myaudiofiles page, which automatically lists all audio files in a certain directory, so I can easily feed the latest stuff to all of you.

The piece is with synth lines and sort of jazz rocky drums, which at least is good, also in the mpeg. I guess I should be doing this sort of stuff bandwise, that would get an audience and maybe some more going, but its not easy to fund some to do it with, and in this country in not sure what can happen much at all. The Emi pages on 'how to get signed' (a man has got to make some money at some point after all, unless he's filthy rich by birth, which I'm not to my knowledge..) make it very clear that that is the way to go, nice and decent. Don't they come checking out live sessions anymore and look for new and interesting and crafty and contentfull music anymore. Or did they ever? And dangle major contracts when they think they can make that work? Or are they just civil servants in the great world system, who *know* and who do not need to do real work except be neatly programmed pencil pusher, like nice desk clerk? Ha, bitterness there, Verelst? Nah, just being a bit wanted juvenile.

   Feb 18 2003, 10:15 AM

     The previous part was roughly from last month, this is the latest stuff.

The catholic doctrine and its effect: gulf war powerlines

Care to follow the developments of the official vatican and pope position on major historic lines in the contemporary world, and how it all seems to hold together way more than is good for anyone except the bank of rome or something?

I've been following, and even recording the pages from the vatican, and especially also from what they call the paper chase for whatever reason. I guess they could spend the money for a decent web design, though they stole my colours and some of it is plain ugly.

I'll go into it more later, and maybe I'll start making seperate pages about the subject, but just as an idea, the whole opinion stuff on these pages suck with powergreed, doubleness, complete changes of  main opinions, and it seems to me I've had more than little effect by challenging them through their guestbook mail address (which didn't receive and answer or place in the public guestbook):


refering to

Going over you website, I found only lets say positive statements,
and a sort of general 'everything is very fine' idea, which
of course not every person in the world agrees with.

Many people don't like the way things are, a need for war,
people building their lives on such miserable tough patterns
where they need to 'see' things which aren't there, exploitation
and oppression of many people and in many ways, poverty,
information abuse and have-nots, and much of the world
being on nothing much else than a highway to hell, which I
seem to remember vividly is not merely the thinking of
protestant reverents.

I am not a catholic, nor a jesuit, and firmly belief I should
not in any way be entangled in the great rome's web of what I
mildly call deceit. I am an internet user though, and I do take
to hart the freedom which is found there and the information,
and was wondering wether this site would adhere to common
internet and western society mores of opinion and counter
opinion, and openness to serious and unadulterated debate
and spreading of an intelligent opinion.

My own website can be found:

which is a serious one, and about such subjects too, so this is not

I was wondering how much democracy and freedom and openness of
opion can be found on this site, for instance.

Appearently, not much, there is no mention of this message on the board (check for yourself) At least the volunteers (no doubt the poor sods of the sys) do better in that respect.. Ever tried talking democracy (or at all for that matter) to a priest...

By the way, did you get the whole idea here? This is a filthy, bulky rich vatican which has bought itself a web broadcast station, and it sits there having presentators sounding as if they were the alknown independent f* CNN or CBS or whoever themselves, even mimicing the styles, and solemny has self centered items about their glorious, pontifical system as if they have all the bloody right in the world, without a shred of journalism or attempt at free press or free gathering of news or the first incling of private and respected opinion, especially of the layman.I guess thats the way to go about things, it's proposterous. Ghastly. Revolting for anyone with a sense of self respect and any reasonable law of freedom.


A little movie (I compressed and cut it to about 300 kbyte) capturing the arrival of some cardinal in the pressed iraq, with cnn and me watching. Sound is poor, I wasn't prepared for a direct audio link. Click the image or rightclick and save to play the windows media player little movie.

Now lets see how selfrespecting, honest, consistent, and trustworthy the great whore ma'm from Rome actually is, which gathers up all who dare to hold idolatrous religions next to her in any form at on time or another, as it seems ordained by God. I've taken the liberty of recording some of their own web 'news' or actuality pages, since they seem to ditch them for the next every few days  without much of a clear trace (though I didn't thoroughly check that). Interesting reading material.

Here are some recorded pages from the above site:
feb  6    main page
feb  6    paper chase
feb 10   Michael Novak
feb 10   main page
feb 10   paper chase
feb 15   paper chase
feb 17   paper chase
feb 18   paper chase
while your at it, the end of ramadan message and the intellectual dimention of the jesuits is interesting background material.. All this speaks about someone striving for great swelling words of vanity and the head position of all liars and whory kinds to me, no an organisation one can in their right mind or respectfully enroll in or be part of, and preferably be seen to lead with. It mightbe contageous.

The new age page from the official catholic server.Followed by an actually usefull beyond exposure of the writer one below.

Will you join on the way to the Rainbow ?

I've put Hannah Newmans pages on the rainbow swastika on my server, so at least they can be read for sure when you surf here, they are here. That is the first page, you'll have to be a bit creative with the urls to get the other ones from here, too. It good stuff, important readers for all believers in much misery.

The idea of the new age is that all people can become 'believers',

On my way to elevated electronics

       Block diagram of a Analog Digital converter

   I've been receiving a package from the us of a last week, which contained samples from electronics producer Texas Instruments, amoung which a microphone amplifier chip, and a fast analog to digital converter, and some audio codecs, even with Usb support built in.

The amplifier chip is under test, it works, but as always in electronics, there is a lot to be said about how it is put to work, and how it behaves on my improvised breadboard setup is subjected to noise and hum from various sources, and it even can be made to oscilate supersonically, which of course is something I undid quickly. Then again taking a fresh bare microphone unit of which I got some for free from an electronics store, and using the at least functioning amp chip as simple non-balanced amplifier, the sond has quite wonderfull properties to it, probably thanks to quite low harmonic distortion figures and good slew rate, and direct mixer coupling to the end amplifier (which is the portable one connected to major speakers), without further (pre) amplification steps (the mixer is passive) or digitization.

A project I've started a little later is the testing of a fast analog to digital converter, which is a small chip of Burr Brown, which has been acquired by TI, and luckily is now also part of the world wide free sample program (with nice ups parcel tracking to see how the shipment moves around the globe to its destination, moi), to take about 80 million samples per second and digitise them into a 8 bit code at the binary output.

To get that little thing to work, however, the not rich electronicist must come up with yet another invitive scheme, because there chips are made to be surface mounted, which means they don't have real pins but small pins which are made to rest on the underlying surface and soldered on top, and also they can have vey small pins, I mean for humans realy small pins, like in this case not the normal chip pin distance of 1/10 of an inch, but 1/40 of an inch, which is about half a milimeter per pin...

Very small indeed for handwork, normally impossible. But I invented a trick, which is to bend every other pin upward, and to use 1/20 of an inch flatcable, of which the wire endings are close together and can all on a row be soldered.

The following picture is a scan from a euro cent and the chip, already with on side of wires.

                   the chip with 10 out of 20 pins connected

       Close up of the soldered connections
      Now the whole thing must be breadboard connectable

      which is underway

The real ego thing here is that this is as far as i am now at the time of this writing, so I don't know yet wether the whole thing is going to work...

When the circuit can be connected, that is when all the rainbow coloured wires (coincidence, as far as I'm concerned) are connected and ready to sink into a breadboards contact rows, the next is a application circuit, which I'll first make without the input amplifier, and of course a clock pulse (> 10KHz) and some measurment of the output (leds on the digital bits)..


As for years I at times look at camgirl's page, where I did some doodling, and she and others do, too. Check this one out, it should jump straight to the right page: 

I hope it is no problem I jump there, and that the numbering stays the same so that I point at the right page also in the future. The official entrance to her paintpages, with the java applet to add some art yourself is here.

A little work with a digitized picture and the Gimp for a animated gif (takes a little loading time):


A conventional picture from last year:


The background image for this page is from a picture I made in switserland or the mid east of france of trees up a mountain where I've blown moderate amounts of combustion products in the probably fairly clean air. They look like they're doing fine.

The two babylons

I found an essential book I lost years ago has been put on the internet already, which is good work. Considering it is written about 150 years ago, I guess there aren't many copyright problems, so by all means have a go and read it !!!

The Two Babylons
or The Papal Worship 
Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife
By the Late Rev. Alexander Hislop

First published as a pamphlet in 1853— expanded in 1858

Rev. Hislop's work has lately been questioned, most notably by Ralph Woodrow's book "The Babylon Connection" (excerpts at I have read that particular book and find it unconvincing and confusing in its own right and still feel that "The Two Babylons'" inclusion on this website is warranted as a scholarly work delving into the area of error within the church (wherever it's found and from wherever it came— ultimately IS Babylon). You will not get too far in your research of church history without coming across references to this book and that is the reason we have included it here— a reference work not as something to be used to beat someone else over the head with (like some use the Bible itself).

I've also stored the pages on this server, in case the original gets removed or unreachable, and so I can index and search it in due time.



It says someone who strangled his wife gets 7 years imprisonment. So I guess the guy who did a certain gouvernment leader in Holland might have married that one and then not shot that one as in an act of war but stranged, or is there class justice?


The then interim (demissionary) dutch prime minister in a very short video capture (click image, possibly use right click. download link). Strange kinds.Always makes me think about mommy.

Who else would and could make this page, huh?