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I've ditched the usual header for the moment, I think it doesn't help much anyhow.
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  Thu Sept 18 13:15, 2008

I´ve been a naughty little democrat about ´my´ (formerly) university: voordenken. In the official dutch democracy where openness of gouvenrment is constitutional, this text was removed without comments:

Dear Mr. Fokkema,

As alumnus of your university, and former employee, I think it generally is a very, very bad sign when in a protestant land like Holland (I was born in the government city) the highest intelligent people are taught at engineering and scientific level that life in such offices is being led by creative old palls as a main influence. That is hopelessly naive and borders on certain forms of mental disorders, as I´m sure non-new-age (Ir.) engineers in the time of for instance the Delta works would think. Even civil engineers.
Let alone the most intelligent and most influential of all the electronici, meaning traditionally the university ones, who are thought to think for themselves at the highest level, and of course in good courses where the main pinnacle of a lot of people comes from.

Which of course is micro-electronics and computers, coming from Silicon Valley in the 70s like many other originally American scientic subjects. Not many "Mister Engineers" of the originally distinguished kind, from the time of the foundation of this university on would want to deny their sanity and manhood to become a nameless penguin in a newage system where the historic distinguishedness is so squandered and, to speak in a known comparison, to put whiskey (if only...) in the neck of our beloved prince of orange, or something.

That a university so completely loses itself not ever acknowledging the American sources of subjects and work and even a lot of management as I recently experienced, is in line with the not so mildly schizophrenic or simply hypocrite behavior of the dutch governmental discussions and official news sources.

Which desire-wise can easily be explained since I remember as student (end of 80s) the land was declared intellectually bankrupt by the in that time still exisising (tolerated?) intellectually minded people.

Unless we have to proverbially shoot a pony in san Francisco first, and make this an initiation rite to enter UC Berkeley or so. But who would want that? ??

Good Afternoon,

   Theo Verelst

So how about sonnet/4G or 10 Gigabit ethernet , or one of those boards full of FPGA´s (monsterbridge, dini ?) or a major CUDA machine or even better a New Connection Machine? Well, the professor thinks more likely the latter, which doesn´t exclude the former. Let´s see, where was I again, oh yeah I got bogged down in the land of hypocracy because the pros were more busy with child abuse and such than with being a pro in something interesting.

In Den Haag daar woont een graaf,
en zijn zoon heet Jantje.
Als je vraagt waar woont je pa,
dan wijst hij met zijn handje,
Met zijn vingertje, met zijn duim,
Op zijn hoed draagt hij een pluim,
Aan zijn arm een mandje,
Dag mijn lieve Jantje.

Tcl the Man in the Middle ?!

Always wanted to be duke of hazard ? Me not, I surely remember the horn someone had when I was still a teenager I think:

The Miditizer

 Authorized steinway demo

FPGA with ethernet

I like to be able to work mobile for instance to sit in a nice nature spot, engine of when with car and enjoy to surroundings, though that isn´t really easy... I used to take a similar car as I can use at the moment when I worked at Delft University and drive regularly to a nature area around Delft to lunch, probably that should be an electric car. Anyhow since I cannot make income at the moment for the moment within reason (that I can come up with) and feel not like I have to "work" like there is no arbeitseinsats law in any self respecting western country, I don´t feel that motivated, except when I think what I domakes some sense.

This is kind of small fun:

I had the two spartan card lying around already for years but now I can add a breadboard over the big connector from the Spartan 3E board to that FPGA, and the other Spartan 3 board (smaller, a 200 device) which should be able to run a

The Plasma CPU is a small synthesizable 32-bit RISC microprocessor.

Giga Ethernet

Amsterdam autovrij

Way cool, use to be called ´Autoloze Zondag´ in the 70s, but wikipedia calls it a bit different, which is strange. Free breething, only exit for cars out of the city, but no entry for a day.