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  Mon Dec 29 12:54, 2008

Of course you don't NEED to use an full HD screen to view this page, but it sure helps...

Sausalito Summernights


These are downscales and slightly processed example images from google-earth, see that environment to see the originals. (It's for an imrpession I hope that's fair use)

Is this there, too? I don't think so, but it looks like fun, from the Cinelerra-heroineworrior site, a self controlling (sort of autopilot, but also for takeoff and landing, with gps and motion sensor) chopper flying machine with good camera:

The film has been motion compensated, but there's so much motion the blocks show clearly.

Another Fedora install!

This time, I put on the recent Fedora 10/64 on a pentium D (3Ghz) machine with the GF9500GT graphics card, and of course CUDA is installed an working, and a lot of tools like Cinepaint, Maxima,

This is from an upgraded 8/64:

   (fully unprocessed screendump from a machine I manage)

Cinelerra 2.1CV on Fedora 10/64

   (Fully unprocessed (except progressive JPG compressed) screen dump.  And no editing.)

Well, the KWIZART and and FUSION versions wouldn't work, so I had to once more compile cinelerra myself, which I did. A small error with some audio plugins, I don't know why.

For the rest it works, appears in the gnome video menu but has the same lame limitations the previous versions suffered from. It appears to work with 1080HD in the compositor window it doesn't fully keep up in every case, maybe I coudld tune it to.

I guess a more logical next move would be to use RGB image files and construct a preferably over 150MegaByte/sec disc solution. And cuda, of course..............


Well, putting windowmaker on is as easy as specifying it during the install and choosing it from the startup menu with the login (after having clicked on the default). BUT GWORKSPACE  was not! It isn't on the Redhat reositories or LIVNA or FUSION, so I had to make it myself, and the gnustep foundation too. Weird, but working installation scripts got the work done. Screen-filling wihtout the png encoding in between on a bright ad big (28 inch) screen, that looks still very good.

Putting desktopeffects on gnome on and dragging window around is also fun:

mplayer is playing alive stream over the local network from the server TV capture box. I used the XV renderer. I've made the NVidia XMMC library work with the self compiled mpeg at some point, but the messing with the system libraries at the moment didn't indicate it's using it anymore. This rendering to full 1920x1200 pixels does work, and it appears mostly glitch free even with 1080 materials.

On windows, there is a example CUDA application which can apply cuda processing to purevideo decoded video! That's cool, but the windows on the particular machine is messed up because I had to power the machine of while running the old graphics card with the broken fan much long. and it appeared the disc cache was on so I need to fsck it but windows fsck doesn't run with windows from the the same partition. Brr, I like Linux better, that's for sure.

With that added though the few year old supermarket machinw would be even more of a workstation!

Carwash ?

Tuneup then ? Gotta do something!

That car needs a wash,Theo ! Mwaa, I don't care that much, it's winter time, and it gets dirty in a few days of wind it seems.

But it does have new brakes! All four of them, and new braking discs, too. Not 4, Theo! Oh yes, 4...

Picture of I think a rear wheel of the car, the new disc shining still after very little use.