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  17 Feb, 2009

That's quick! (For a whole New page.) ' Use a HD screen, that is so much more fun '

The Commercial Blues Brothers ?


Maybe it's an alien idea, outside of the new age and it's doctrines' worshippers?

I recall that the dutch band De Dijk, maybe like de Scene:

had problems making enough money doing what they were pretty good at: making music, already long ago. I don't think the new agers have organized a collection to pay them a decent salary...

Would pretty Nina be able to make enough money with here records?

Or Lene?

Lucky Number

Udy, udy, udy, udy etc...

I never used to cry 'cause I was all alone
For me, myself and I is all I've ever known
I never felt the need to have a hand to hold
In everything I do I take complete control
That's where I'm coming from
My Lucky Number's one

I've everything I need to keep me satisfied
There's nothing you can do to make me change my mind
I'm having so much fun
My Lucky Number's one
Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!

Ay ay ay ay ay...
I now detect an alien vibration here
There's something in the air besides the atmosphere
The object of the action is becoming clear
An imminent attack upon my heart I fear
The evidence is strong
My Lucky Number's rung
Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!

Something tells me my Lucky Number's gonna be changing soon
Something tells me Lucky Number's gonna be oweoweoweoweoweowe...

You certainly do have a strange effect on me
I never thought that I could feel the way I feel
There's something in your eyes gives me a wild idea
I never want to be apart from you my dear
I guess it must be true
My Lucky Number's two

This rearrangement suits me now I must confess
The number one was dull and number two is best
I wanna stay with you
My Lucky Number's two
Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!

Number... Number...

KISS could!

I suppose AC/DC could:

The Commodores should have made enough money I'd say is fair:

I think I've change the link bcause I'd first made a wrong link, and then the one which had this framein it has been probably removed because of a youtube terms oif use violation.

More Bristol synths

Using this setup I recorded some more bristol synthesizer emulation instruments with a little reverb on them, in 32 bit floating point stereo, in fact on the external disk on the server, while this is on the Fedora 10/64 dual core machine (so over the network):

I've made 16 bit stereo (CD quality) wav and 128 kbps mpegs of the testing of the instrument sounds, so you too can listen to the simulation of these synthesizer sounds.

These were the bristol Linux commands I used from the mian bristol directory (while jack runs):

 startBristol -jack -odyssey -outgain 20 -voices 1 &
 startBristol -jack -prophet52 -outgain 10 -voices 5 &
 startBristol -jack -jupiter -outgain 10 -voices 5 &
 startBristol -jack -memorymoog -outgain 10 -voices 5 &
 startBristol -jack -poly6 -outgain 10 -voices 6 &

   The ARP Odyssey

rg-20090217-203711-2 wav (2.5MB ) mp3 (0.2MB )
rg-20090217-203834-3 wav (2.0MB ) mp3 (0.2MB )

    The Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

rg-20090217-204157-4 wav (1.6MB ) mp3 (0.1MB )
rg-20090217-204500-5 wav (3.9MB ) mp3 (0.4MB )
rg-20090217-204718-6 wav (1.9MB ) mp3 (0.2MB )

   The Roland Jupiter 8

rg-20090217-204950-7 wav (4.2MB ) mp3 (0.4MB )
rg-20090217-205304-8 wav (3.0MB ) mp3 (0.3MB )

    The Moog Polymoog

rg-20090217-205648-9 wav (5.7MB ) mp3 (0.5MB )
rg-20090217-205745-10 wav (5.9MB ) mp3 (0.5MB )
rg-20090217-205856-11 wav (3.9MB ) mp3 (0.4MB )

    The Korg PolySix

rg-20090217-205950-12 wav (5.0MB ) mp3 (0.4MB )
rg-20090217-210256-13 wav (3.5MB ) mp3 (0.3MB )
rg-20090217-210342-14 wav (3.7MB ) mp3 (0.3MB )
rg-20090217-210804-15 wav (2.1MB ) mp3 (0.2MB )
rg-20090217-210900-16 wav (3.7MB ) mp3 (0.3MB )

Some mild Raka-rack guitar effect examples

I used some of the above synth test musical fragments and played a little guitar on top, ad compressed some of the results with the rosegarden/Ladspa compressor-4, and made 16 bit (CD quality) wav files and mp3's (128kbps) of it:

rg-20090218-133432-25 wav (18.3MB ) mp3 (1.7MB )   :
     Two guitar lines with different rakarack effects. Doing a part of 'Hotel California'
rg-20090218-133657-26 wav (5.0MB ) mp3 (0.5MB )
rg-20090218-133749-27 wav (4.6MB ) mp3 (0.4MB )
rg-20090218-133828-28 wav (4.2MB ) mp3 (0.4MB )
rg-20090218-133925-29 wav (6.5MB ) mp3 (0.6MB )
rg-20090218-134017-30 wav (3.5MB ) mp3 (0.3MB )

HDR Frames

Any good Vistas?

I remember good film shots from San Jose, what a flat plain:


Corner Chestnut/Grant ave had a white front (Fong´s Market) in The Enforcer...

I noticed HD pictures from San Fransisco in GoogleEarth-5, great (I hope these illustrations can be considered fair use)!