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Mar 21 2003, 10:45 AM

I made some new pictures worth putting on these pages, I'm looking into doing some video stuff, too, with good compression that is feasible, and worth a serious project. Part as infotainment, part as serious information and courses or explanation about my work and products. For instance I'm thinking about doing a presentation about BWise with screen capture and some pictures and audio, stay tuned.

     I know, I know, a shave and a haircut.

Does anyone ever read these pages, anyhow? At times, certainly, not counting proxy server reads, possibly illegal email or other reads, at least all pages have been regularly served to parties all over the world, coming from the partial (as it seems) and indirect limited statistics from this server ( ), for which the top hit rate lately has been about a thousand hits per day, and usually in tens or hundreds. Nothing to get upset about, a bit more would be fine, but I guess would be in the business ballgame. At least the almighty internet has carried traffic to IP addresses realy quite all over the world, from australia to africa, russia, all over the us, canada, most western european countries, some asian sites. Fun stuff.

And I didn't do any promoting like on the search engines or email stuff at all lately, except google seems to webcrawl regulaly, as do some others, which is fine, Theo Verelst gets you even to the local server pages on the first page of hits, and I'm sure the nibda or other indecent requests asking for 'command.exe' ending up on the 'not found' page got interesting google redirects, though furtherwise useless and mindless.

A chocked full minus some breadboard with a microphone amplifier, a clock generator circuit based on the 74HC14, and the 80 MHZ SMD analog to digital converter on a pin pitch converter construction, with output reading LED's.
    A not too miserable scene from the Vondel park in Amsterdam.

    A recent picture from the electrical engineering cantine (Delft University)

    4 x 74HC193 4 bit presettable syncronous counters, in all 16 bit 75HC573 buffered and TRI state outputs.

The LED's are connected to the counter outputs, so light up independently of the buffer output state, and the preset inputs of the counters are connected to the ouputs of the buffer outputs, together with 16 leads of the board, which can be connected to an address bus to be set and read from. The idea is that a parallel port of an aiding PC drives the clock inputs of the counters for DMA accessing a memory.

The processor board in buildup, with databus monitor LED's the memory in place and a socket for the CPU, with all control lines on wires externally connectable, the databus and addressbus connected between memory and CPU socket, and piece of conducting foam with chips in the background.

Fortune cookies in the local server

I've tried and for the moment approved and made available to the world a unix originating 'fortune' (cookie) extension to the local webserver, try it if you like it, and leave me a message if you finf them offensive or more fun than average, or if you want psychological help after trying a few.

I used the cygwin supplied /bin/fortune.exe with the libraries as supplied by, which contains a reasonable big enough fortune database, including the so called offensive ones...

What the script does is it makes a new page with a new cookie (funny or interesting saying) every time someone calls up the page.. For those into tclhttpd, its a simple (oneliner) DirectUrl, which contains an exec. Fun enough, and since the exec path is hard coded and untrievable let alone unchangeable, the risk is minimal, except when many hits per second would call for windows (including for instance netscape composer on which I'm writing this page now) possibly to even stall, although, come to think of it, only one exec will happen at the time, so we're fine there, too.

I was thinking about doing a fixed other process, preferably running bwise under tcl/tk, with a single, fixed socket connection, to handle all kinds of special server requests, alleviating the need for an exec for each cgi equivalent, but it takes a little work to get that coded into the more or less single threaded standard tclhttpd. I don't like getting a special version of tcl/tk to make a multithreaded server, in fact fileevents (of course normally 'select()') should do when used right, though I just found out that for instance gets blocks until it receives a newline, which complicates matters.

Press the reload button to get more cookies of the fortune kind, they're free (unless you have to pay for the bandwidth).