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  April 2, 2009

Breakfast? In fact more brunch. Cruesly, Kellogs, spa orange/sirup/yoghurt drink, and mixed forrest fruits juice, just like some people grow up with in some variation. I sure didn't, I think I never ate this kind of stuff before, possibly at all. I supposse it's very healthy, makes me feel good. .8 Million San franciscians can't be wrong.

These flowers appear a bit like in part of a film, but in fact it is a photograph:

Isn't this inviting? Well, I don't know. Depends on interests and IQ and epoch or so. I beats a lot of dull thing for me. I fait pas tres chaud...

Theover on Youtube with an HD piano-recording!

To elevate the level of the youtube music videos a bit, mostly though to confirm and enforce the people who put good music made by themselves on this internet medium, I played a 14 minute improvisation on the theme "Oh when the saints go marching in", recorded it in high quality (24 bits) and also recorded High Definition Video from the keyboard action.

This is a record of how I captured the HD Video from the camera to a notebook with a firewire connection, monitored it, and stored the (few gigabytes) file over a local (gigabit) network to an external disk connected to the server.

A screendump of the program I used (on the server, actually) to capture the audio:

After this, I transcoded the video over te h264 standard for de-interlacing and smoothing (block-search of 512 pixels, quality lossless):

I do this as shown by routing the output of a ffmpeg program, which reads the camera mpeg-2 video file, to a Unix pipe, which feeds x264 with yuv frames of the correct size (but unfortunately only 420p or 422p I think), in turn x264 routes it's output over another unix pipe to a second ffmpeg program instance which takes the h264 data and makes a mp4 video file from that, removing interlacing intelligently.

After that I shrunk the resulting 1080 HD  mp4 (Quicktime for Linux) film to 1280x720 or 720p format in various codings and varying audio codings and bandwidths, and picked a working one, which I uploaded to youtube, giving a result with HD button active, and indeed using that on the youtube page makes the picture a whopping 720 HD format and the sound a lot better.

The result (click on image for a link):

See here for part 2 and 3 of the same.

  part 2  part 3 

The sound is fairly ok, the image has problems with filmic material I think, and tends to be not accurately timed, probably depending on the player and computer used, which is a bummer, but it's well viewable even for instructional use.

The Moog Legacy

Isn't it horrendous how modern (new age) history treats it's great examples and wise men?

Well but those new thinkers are so wise themselves! Oh no. please auntie, can you spare me the crap... They wat power, define themselves as wise, get loads of resources from for instance rich illuminati families and 'wise' (read: opprotunistic( people who alsolove to be called wise and of they go: we want power and glory. What's new. Yuck, that sucks.

Yeah, but it's still true, many peopl with a big m*f* mouth get very far in this age of aquarius thing. And oh boy indeed it sucks, and yes everybody hurts. Like that's hard to do. And they don't have real honour or reputations, so they don't care...

It's perfect! That will always win!

Ahrg. These people are stupid. I think it is a curse of God, and that worked. Very well. "And I shall exhault myself and climb to the heavens.." that's the menslayer from the beginning in biblical language, isn't it? Or madonna (cybele) with the children at her feet to betray and damn, or nimrod 'a greater man than anybody can handle!' or sh*t like that isn't it?

Well, it's Europe, Theo! Oh, like right I'm now suddenly to understand the big course of events here, like a m*f*ing revelation from the m*f*ing sky, sorry I didn't yet behold and dig that sh*t yet, and sorry for the army language but seriously, you've got to be kidding. I'm off watching Dirty Harry or Bullit or other wise stuff I grew up with which had real powerm and probably to de with God, I'll forget about the rest ASAP. That's because you can't deal with it Theo that's a sign of defeat. Yeah, right. I meet some peasant who tells me it is possible to put up my camper right next to the sh*t-pit, because it's there and it's possible. It's like climbing a mountain! It's there and therefore you really want to do this! Well, I think it's stupid. Dumbass. But you could, and you don't so your chicken! No man, I ain't that idiotic. Manye people do! Yeah, and look how they turned out. No, sorry I ain't in for all that, I don't like it  and I think all those new agers and zens and mofos and God knows what all are pretty conservative, and have way too much mother binding to be healty for them, and are even cowards by being conservatives. Bad word. Well, I guess in general it's not really a dirty word, but then again in the world times after Rock and Roll and the 70s it kind of is. It's an excuse for not fighting for a greener world, for instance, it usually means tolerance for catholic power structures which are inherently very evil unless they're composed of people wanting out of there, and there is no goo dreason to feel so unsure about oneself as is needed to justify conservatism, except probably in very few cases, and if the new agers then want ot take part in conservatism they should also have the nerve to take the disadvantages of allowing oneself to be powergreedy and oppress masses (in general), namely to be called a prick or something of the kind, and not present themselves like free people.

Anyhow, I think a lot of people refuse to give honor where honor is due about people like Moog, and for instance take a lot of their stuff for granted and don't understand how stupid it is to forget other sides and types of communication which probably are also quite important to notice when such a practiced talent communicates. I mean views about life and music are hip-hopped out befre anything and never given a hought even so that whole generations become incredibly stupid. Seriousy not because I feel the need to humiliate thm but because they appear to be.

Well, here's a like to the moog foundation, I think run by his daughter. 

A funny synthesizer rendering of Yakety Sax, used in teh Benny Hill show:

 Gil Trythall - Yakety Moog

Some interesting footage from Mr Moog's  house and Moog Music:

Burning rubber

That means accelerating very fast with a car or motorbike of course, but it's also a famous song of The Gap Band.

Tried some sounds out for recreating an impression of this type of song, of which a rendering below:

    Cubase on windows XP Pro with 3 stereo tracks, a master compressor and Pantheon reverb

I tried 3 sound with some editing on a Yamaha S90 connected to a Lexicon Omega converter, and recorded an impression of the their combined effect in half an hour:

 soundtry 256Kb/S mp3 (1MB)

Bluray wishes

Chicago/Earth wind and fire - Live!

Star trek!

Probably very good too , but I've seen 3 already: the Dirty Harry series.

What's happening at the SAE ?

There was a guitarist event the other week, I took a look around and saw some demos of plugin makers and their studios and a free sound lesson, for fun.

Well, I'm sure I play (at least since 1984) and record long enough not to really easily get exited about much except keeping some things good which should stay good.

some more plants to close the page with: