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June 26, 01:11, 2009

Fortune from Fri Jun 26 01:07:52 CEST 2009:

(But Intel has redefined the memory ordering so many times that they might
redefine it in the future too and say that dependent loads are ok. I
suspect most of the definitions are of the type "Oh, it used to be ok in
the implementation even though it wasn't defined, and it turns out that
Windows doesn't work if we change it, so we'll define darkness to be the
new standard"..)

     - Linus Torvalds

Theo, you had a garden already! Well but I grew up on the 4th floor, albeit with green around, and I never got close to the idea of Sausalito much, while close to the center of a major city.

NVidia Quda Wbinars


I tried taking the memory stick from the player, which loads fine in Linux, but changing a downloaded ovie for my own didn't work, too many checksums ad codes...

I could play the downloaded 264 HD file with mplayer/VDPAU though.

Cheap Food?

Well, bio cow burgers, lettuce small potatos, baking in olive oil and someitalian tomatos, and very mild amount of mayonaise and ketchup sause isn't bad:

Quick to make (12 min.) and fairly cheap, too (total price in this case: about 3,50 for two plates I think).

Progress ? Well, I don't know if they had bio meat a decade ago, and the sale on potatos and salad is really cheap.

Some pictures at request

Only lighting suggestion and camera setup handling and (some) picture processing are mine, not the artwork besides that...

Living on the Blues?

Uh no, I guess I did that in the metaphorical sense in like the end 80s when I learned to play that, and performed as such at times.

Now there's other music I paid attention to and tested the audio system with, both the big one (which I by and large always prefer even by far) and the smaller ones, and screen speakers and (good) phone- and notebook speakers.