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July 27, 01:55, 2009

What´s that?

I kept some safety margin, and I sure didn´t send the machine gas suckling down the highway a few hours first or enforce total engine control like I know it works, but I tried 0-60MPH (approximately)...

Isn´t this upside down?

No, it´s to make the tweeter path correct for the via-ceiling listening path, in between the speakers.

Nature pictures

Well, nature is less bleak than the pond book, and so is the picture, or would the book picture be pre-compensated for looking more natural?

Tiny but visible on the un-zoomable phone cam, a little Sausalito view: masts.

Well, all the above pictures (like in a quiz with answer given) are from a (very good) mobile phone. The next bunch is from a HD-video camera (1080i, 2x2k pictures), taken an hour later:

This one I think was written to a disc which became full, so a quarter is gone...

I think the phonecams are nice and with nice colors but I so much more like the realism and spaciousness the filmcam can capture (of course years ago the cam was about twice the price of the whole phone or so).

All of the above pictures were of course mine, and all were somewhat processed in cinepaint (16 bits/component) and of course scaled down.

Inside green creeping along the ceiling, with plugs I hammer-drilled in strong enough to hold a man...

The plant decided the light is cool, but under the window sill

The 5 meter usb connects to the camera, connects to the server machine, connects to the pop-up file window on the screen.