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Dec 4, 02:39, 2009

Some Ikea based customizing:

Less obscured view after storm taking down the partytent frame after more than a little time of withstanding the elements:

Car radio/CD player booster!

I had this lying around doing nothing, the second hand car I regularly use has a big woofer, so I thought I´d replace the built in booster/filter with this big one:

It´s actually like 4x 100 to 150 watts or so, and I put 2 channels in bridge and the filter at about 80 Herz, or maybe higher:

The result with a Pioneer radio/CD player are great, lots better low, and the total power can  be up to really loud and a nice sound. There's a thick cable coming directly from the big battery (with a 50 amp fuse) which feeds the booster. At high volume, the lights visibly dim with big booster power.

BBC HD in shining splendor

This is a night picture of a new sat dish or only about 20 euros:

The above is NOT a High Definition picture, but a "normal" but pretty good quality video cam working in nightshot/slow color shutter mode, encoded via analog svhs signal by the pinnacle hardware mpeg-2 encoder box, and rendered (live over network) by mplayer with filters on, an magnification.

With cable input it can look like this (no magnification):

First a comparison between a cable channel and sat channel of the same film, time shifted (mplayer can record in memoy while paused) to be more or less showing the same frames:

The sat chennel of I guess 3.5 Mb/s is more clean-looking, but I'd think the cable can be more lively and can contain more information.

The new dish is directed at the Astra 2 sat, so it can receive BBC HD, the official HD test with unscrambled signal, and I moved it a bit to be at least less obscured by a few tree branches, and made the 60cm metal (was 40 cm plastic) dish a bit more stable by a support beam.

 I used the Linux sat tools I have downloaded or compiled to get normal sat channels (digital) with mplayer, and perceive not so many bit errors any more.

In fact I after weeks of searching and thinking can now take the not so many faults containing BBC HD signal using ´dvbgrab´, feed the whole transport stream to mplayer, make it filter the right program stream, have it use the VDPAU facilities for decoding the h264 HD stream, and have it synchronize itself properly ove the 4 channels 48kHz ac3 audio and get live, good looking brilliant HD video on the 28 inch monitor (i n 1920x1080 pixels)!!!

Mind you, the above and two below frames are unprocessed frames from the sat channel, and they move at full framerate (25 full frames per second) with blocks hardly ever appearing and motions pretty good most of the time, and regularly bluray-like, so this can be viewed like normal TV, but than in HD, with almost nothing being wrong enough to notice.

I recorded the whole transport stream of these 10 minutes of top gear, of course that takes up much more disk space than needed, but that works.

Also, I use 4 audio channels of top quality (all Lexicon 24 bt converters) on my big audio system, which is great for listening to the surround sound of fair (but of course not DTS) quality.

Great work!

Audio Engineering Society Meeting at the Hague Conservatory

I recorded a minute or twp of HD there, this is a frame of that: