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Mar 29 2003, 18:01

I´ve not decided yet what to put on this page exactly, but will see. I´ve been into the tcl wiki thing, which is good, even got some downloads on this server, and made some more footage. Maybe I´ll do a music instruction video wit a good synth, sound and image quality.

I still need to reorganise my web pages, I think I got most all of it together, so I could make some scripts to put them all on this server, with adapted urls and all images and downloads in place, and then searching and mayne indexing, should be no more than a day good work, but then again surfing the whole going ons has a certain charm of its own.

Email spam

Ever tried putting your email address on a widely visible page, which is most always on the internet if you get some hits? Offers for special herbs, shady sex or relation sites (shady ?), strange software, private eye impersonators, persons with alledgedly millions to import from some probably worse than shady country arrangement, software offers, and what else.

We have the crawlers, like googles´, which automaticaly walk all pages on the web at a slow pace, which is fine, probably an important service to get a rightfull place in search engine space.

It seems people or machines are ´drafted´ to crawl public and popular pages for email address to (lightly) spam. I think the original term was used to indicate large amounts of data being fed into someone´s mailbox from a large number of  sources, but that is not what I mean.

What some people spent their time with...

Or playing around with someone else's mail account. Tucked away behind some obscure computer. Playing with real power, isn't it. Pityfull.I had a policy in jobtime to let my computers solve its own password problem by not logging of or locking the screen, and wait for the screensaver to kick in or not lock at all. Seriously, if I as serious worker need to watch out for collegues to destroy or wreck my work, what world do we live in? At least when possible that shouldn't be needed, or things are pretty fucked.

Some past people

Holland in various ways is a miserable country to be. Coming from an official citizen of that country, that is not a nice thing to say, but hey, we have a dead minister president candidate of a popular fascist like party, a jesuit running the red party, and what shall we call it all running the christian mess, no stable gouvernment and certainly so insulting to any normal human being its not even nice to look at.

Then we have my case of being put aside and in normal language though rarely in straight words threatened and put aside anything woth while. And being without fitting position and credit to make serious money in some way which doesn´t immdeately compromise my position in where I come from or makes me implicitly swear loyalty to some sign of the beast of God knows what oppression. Sich heil on your right hand, heil Fuehrer stamped on you forehead first, or thou shalt not covet who we have taken and want to hold, trade with your considerable computer skills or be free from worshipping the social idol and the preparers of the money gospel inspired by the omnipresent catholic system and their mean dirty secret police and judges and executioners the jesuits, whose head I think for long has been happily hosted in the south of this country.

I don´t say it was all that bad in second world war, it probably wasn´t. But now it is. Nor do I say children don´t want out of the cancerous and damning social and spirital fabric, I know they do. But it is bad. Quite bad.

So I after some miserable time and then a break from it after a ridiculousy long period with no information from anyone I knew at all got to work in a place where I thought I could put my computer skills to work in a wannabe hip gallery with most knwon names in visual art somehow connected to it, though the biggest one not positively at all, to major amounts of digitisations and quality processing of pictures, make a dedicated web server for eventually ebusiness and lots of interactive features, and on top of that production print work and lots of quality pictures and movies, also digitally. And as additional proof for my validity as worker and deveoper I dragged in a self made high quality audio system, which would have been very good to invest in.

But of course: I had to be told there were signals and prayer and methods and systems and names I didn´t quite understand the value of yet, and should never have made the ´army material´ in a decent non/anarchistic mommy worshipping socially embedded, non bohemian, in fact not even artistic environment of eventually nothing more than a commercial painter, which was a remote controlled zeppeling the size of a refrigerator with a bit too hefty engine. And I didn't wanna play friends with some porsche driving nazi appearance bookkeeper sent behind my but who I never picked. Can't they jsut give me some wages? Even Texas Instruments from the far States can sent me electronics parts by Ups in a few days, which arrive just fine, is that too hard, take a shoebox of my earnings and costs, estimage the minimal work done and get some serious cash flowing? I think they went bankrupt.

Then I tried some contacts from the christian scene I tried for their interests some years before, and thought I would combine the usefull with te honorable and volonteer a while at the salvation arm headquarters to make sure I could make clear I worked without effort, and that my skill were more than up to data to be of great practical use, and I get in the end honourlessly kicked aside (because I didn´t bother stepping to that kinds level) by some ´director´ wannabee important person appearantly too much backed by other(s) who invited me in the first place and in the mean while had shown not to want to show any real respect or consideration or have acedemical or other human training to understand the important issues of which free western life cannot be loosened. The expicit reason for being treated not like mr engineer respected and appreciated volonteer was that I had had the nerve to make my (these) diary pages. End of freedom of speech and the constitutional right to even uncensored TV and other public broadcast. And for those dumbasses who don´t know their stuff, which they are by law obliged to know: that is an explicit, constitutional right in this country from the time when the fags, the catholics and the jesuits were considered undesirable as a political way of life by and large, and some good things were done, and that right is still officially mine.

The only thing I did a little while I left without feeling sick was a short marketing job. Of course nothing normally an engineer would involve himself much in, or would have to feel compelled to.

The worst of it all is the depressing level of all this follow the renewed and especially for us it of course allways works lets all give it up for the end of our great rainbow misery. Realy, using the strong language that I have, also in the past would make every moderately intelligent western person stop and think, but responses aren´t numb or irritated, but simply lost in sime spiritual and emotional delusion which is just too bad.

So what is it the great unknown frustrated artist needs to learn how to acquire or keep a job to pay the rent, or learn to live with the lower chastes in life, or the proud engineer must have his ego broken before he does what he actually can do so that that afterward can be taken to have been not necessary and susequently forgiven?

No the jesuits want to rule the social systems they must copy and outwit and betray and take the place of.. The catholics wait and see what profits and long term heritage and grave blackmail they can get from an important player in the greatest economic game and freedom struggle alive in this time span computers and (micro) electronics. The satanists do whatever they always do, bring destruction and misery and death and wait until they are killed by sensible enough human beings, and be miserable mummies boys in the meanwhile who get neither happy nor rich by their ways. The powergreedy rich and of one or more of the above kind will want to rule their family tribe and make it the highest or richest or worst or whatever. The childabusers will want to project their own traumas and fears and demons desires on little children and be susceptible to all games around such practices. The traitors will want to betray and then kill themselves when they have recieved their wages. The murderers will be either willing to do some retribution or simply be criminal or some of the above. The rulers will be corrupted unless corrected and given mercy which then the people can benefit from, too, or be any of the above in any combination. The intelligent will want to be taken for that indeed mostly and probably be greedy for power, glory and honour, or be just as bad or average human as the rest of mankind.

And the official christians will be as they and others should know from solid doctrine: wrong about the idea that formal systems become the real Holy Spirit to work with and deluded that the system in the end is anyway christian at all. It isn´t its the great whore mummy and breeds antichrists and boasters and haters of good and liars and schizofrenic wrecks. When we´re lucky. Or they are any of the above, and worse.

And the land that I live in, has God on its side. Yeah right.

I heard ´highway to hell´ the other day at the end of a hilarious and entertaining and probably intelligent Simson show. I played that lately after I got some mpeg of the web. Good song, that´s the way it must have felt. I played it from some (probably illlegal, though it sounds like a bootleg) mpg I found on the web: Highway to hell, (this is not the AC/DC version,because a bit too many people wanted to download this for me to feel comfortable, but a short movie of mine with the same title, see diary page 10).

I just saw a studio recorded version of Rage Against the Machine doing ´Bullet in your head´, which without question can also be seen as a prophetic song, not about me, mind you, but about what happened last year. Jesuits are not exactly nice kinds, and when they receive so much space, information and power and nothing is done against their cancerous presence, one can be sure of being on some way to hell. And when then the nazis want their share, too, somethings should be done when the betrayal, oppression and fullfilled power greed of evil circuits gets out of bound and all too popular. Let people damn their own lives by being fascist pigs, not mine.

And now it is war, real war. Serious war. The good guys thus far winning most everything war. 60 years ago, there was war right here, too. And until a few years ago, a long day drive from here, there was a miserable, real war, too. People seem to forget soon what has been fought for just a little longer ago than yesterday, and then a few centuries ago, and then in reformation time.

It´s so easy to get deluded, it´s a lot harder to stick with the truth.

Had enough ? Check out the latest pope junk site, the official one, that is ?
See wether they are serious about fucking the world up. My God, they are serious about their hell. With one big word written over their forehead: Mystery. Babylon the great. Mother of all harlots and abominations before God.

May she rot in hell. Together with the devil worshippers.Which are not so different a clan. And the malicious secret moslim authorities, which are not so different either. Abusing, wraping, killing, torturing, oppressing, lying as a way of life, leaving no freedom or free posession or private life or respect for anything else than their authority, and planning evil and misery. For nothing good.

There is no reason to let all that exist if one has a choice. I didn´t seem to have much of a choice given my starting points and the things I decided and my faith. Don´t think I want to suffer under all such things. Let them suffer, nobody needs them. Give them a tomahawk does not appear unchistian to me. On their heads. When that doesn´t blow away major parts of such evil sites by nuclear blast, may people must be considered lucky.

I belief there will be a judgement day, where God will judge the living and the dead. Don´t be deluded as a christian or a so called one or a believer or a serious person. That stuff made people go to war on a world scale in the past, and they didn´t seem to dislike the result at all after church raids, the french revolution, letting the allied forces give marshall help after letting them fight part (..) of their war.

If or when there is a God, He is not allah, he is the God Abraham seems to have been about, the rest is so much crap that a God like that can be nothing more than a devil or an idol. And humanly speaking, no one by nature would have se much faith in the stupid life game certain american presidents want to rule with over their grave. Not even for ordinary greed games. That takes major delusions and liarish systems.

It is not so hard to test for relatively uncancered and unrotten human life forms when one knows what to look for.

The 70´s I think were nice in many of such ways, and the eighties music is pretty decent, too, probably. Current life sucks. Bad. Though it seems not all bad, and some are thinking, and some put their lives at stake to get one of the hearts out of a great and long standing tribe of evil.

´Hi, how are you ?´ Hold on, I first see Clinton in you, you may not be in... Seriously... That means we´re fucked. Bad.

Or in the words of one of rock and rolls great and the bible, ´we´re caught in a trap´.

Snap out of the rainbow if you can. The bible if you care, otherwise history or me teaches clearly we cannot trust certain things for sure. Many anti christ have come into the world, and they don´t save, they damn. And people who have a different gospel than Pauls and Peters, are supposedly damned. Giving up freedom and personal integrety and sense of uprighness and honour is a hell of a lot easier than gaining it back, and that holds to a high power worse for countries and social constellations.

The Holy Spirit doesn´t just by nature live in all of us, don´t be deluded, when it is not indeed holy, and divine, and right, and just, it is not the holy spirit, realy, you´l be deluded in no time if that is not discerned.

And the new babylon exists, claims power and rights and is bad, very bad to follow, be in, let space, have trust in. And it all looks so, religeous, so ´holy´, so special. And we may all sacrifice our persons and life in it, surprising. So interesting. And rich. And powerfull.

But mister Theo, you don´t understand! Yes I do, you don´t understand. I oversee that whole idea when I have the chance, and am not affraid to draw the only logica and essential and overriding conclusion that I should NOT belief in or live in that. At any expense not, I don´t want to loose my life or my honour just for proving that


The Service of the Word

   "Journalism must be regarded in a certain sense as a 'sacred' task, to be carried out with the awareness that the powerful means of communication are entrusted to you for the common good."
Pope John Paul II

Straight from the site, which is full of vatican made ´journalism´ by clergy and their own ´journalists´, noting independent or unchecked about it at all, one big liarish scheme. The page with news is called the paperchase.Must have to do with some claiming ´culture´. If it weren't so serious, it would be hilarious, they do their own journalism, nothing independent about it. And then they just interview themselves. Not a protestant view gets even heard.

I track them, those pages, so it gets recorded what they all squirm about, I stored most of them from already before the gulf war problem, I'll make a special page for them and some refutation.


Deep Basses

I tried some moog sound imitation with excellent effect applied and fiddled with equalizer controls to maybe compensate a bit for the very straight seperation filters in the currently 4 way super hifi speakers. Super hifi because they weren't use much as PA (public address) speakers, but on a relatively lightly charged amplifier, though lately a heavy transfored was tired, though with thin and long wire, so power is limited.

   Back side of the small (portable) high quality amplifier, which can be fed by a rechargeable battery pack

The 4 way idea is excellent enough, cheap low range squakers fill the gap between the 12 inch woofers and the small paper high-mid tweeters to consume some of the low mid power which would easily saturate the small tweeters. They seem to filter out the highest end themselves, tested by simply listening, which is good, though probably at the cutoff point things aren't too nice, I guess conus breakup could occur, though they are relatively stiff. Natural filtering in itself is not bad, usually that sound a bit natural at least and is probably of not so low order, lets hope the cone simply acts as a nice wave absorber.

              New test speakers (high quality)

Without question in certain frequency ranges, phases get in eachothers way, and the placement in that respect isn't optimal, but the sound is something else. The paper cone high mid tweeter sound strongs and damped in the range of 3 KHz or so where the ear is most sensitive. The upper high end is again served by as it seems very high quality metal dome tweeters with strong and damped suspension and strong magnet, which makes for a very open and transparent sound. The low mid range squaker is a kenwood, which naturally adds just its frequency range without being more present than add a upper kicking low mid. The 'gap' between the woofer needing to do more than a thousand cycles per second and the small paper tweeters pumping significant amounts of air is filled.

A strong as it seems (should be measured, too, of course) uncoloured sound results. The enclosures are very damped with glasswool and airtight, pressure kind, but with about 90 liters content, strongly screwed together. Because of the lack of coils to damp the high end of the lower frequency range speakers, probably the low range should be boosted somewhat, and of course the standard 'pump' of a bass reflex or badly damped enclosre is not there to emphesize a certain waveform or frequency range. When fed with low frequencies for instance from s synthesizer bass or bass drum, the 'kick in the stomac' experience is available already under 10 watts of amp power, the speakers seem to simply follow what the bass end is doing, not withholding higher end transients, so a strong, better concert like audio experience can be gotten simply by playing a CD or other material which contains the right waves.

Which is very different from the I play a boom, your speakers do some crunch/pump, and the hall does a standing wave idea which seems to be popular paradigm even with small and (therefore) crappy stereo Anlages (I had a chance to travel to germany recently). Crappy in the sense of true to nature (the recorded material) sound reproduction. Hifi in some not shady past developed along the line of the idea of making all elements in the chain of equipment as 'straight', uncoloured, as possible.

So if one plays (bob) Marley, basses and strong rythms occur. When one plays jazz, open and varied sounds and basses happen. Pop sparkes and does what the song calls for, and rock rocks like it should. And classical lives in space and transparency and power and fragility when called for.

These speakers do that, mostly. Maybe some of the soft edges and warmening standard colouring and speech and high-hat distortion, and the well known boom are absent, but mainly what's in the reproduced material comes to life, sounds right and never bores or tires the listener. For which the quality amplifier is essential, too. Cranking up the supply from the (oldeing) NiCad's and making it more stable made that clear, too. Real high power levels as I made before weren't tried, that requires more heatsink and a heavy built supply and connecting wires. And fuses.

But doing a drum by playing a good synth sound makes the whole think come alive as if it were real, which is not easy to do. Synths pound and growl, but never overdone, strings are space, drums well defined and accurate and varied, voices clear and unembelished, guitars strong and present, and piano almost close to live.

   Small amp placed on a seperate heatsink