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Jan 30, 03:01, 2010

some Cuda parallel graphics accellerated 3d graphics:

Northern light in HD:

Oh yes (lets earn a megabuck):

Reality Server

I can run the free version, including Cuda:

The images I did not make myself, they might take major Tesla machines, but then these are realtime :

Harddisk improvements

I built in   gigabyte of Western Digital Caviar Greenpower, which works great and allows all these at the moment:

   . All my HD source videos (15 hours or so) copied to one big partition

   . Installation of yet a new Fedora: the latest Fedora 12/64bit, which is up and running, and showing HD sat and TV

   . many hours ( in fact days ) of up to 4 channels simultaneous (HD) satellite and TV recording

   . Frame rendering (Using VDpau) and processing of High Definition recordings and graphics

   . Lots more space for multitrack 32 bit stereo audio recording

More ideas:
external sata->esata enclosure

esate cardbus card / 500G 2.5 inch

gig ethercard + esata card for sat-machine

150mB/S test (solid state?) for HD frame based film

DVI/hdmi switch


Bluray burner

Fedora 12!

Another disk improvement

The above shows preview shots of 20 (!) hours of HD materials I made myself, all of which is now on disk (well as of this writing I´m halfway).

I use the KDE desktop mostly with Fedora 12/64.

All TV and satellite programs, including HD work, as does CUDA3.

I even got Cinelerra 4.1 running.

Island and Sanctuary