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Apr 4, 13:53, 2010

A frame from the latest Hitchcock movie I recorded in shining High Definition from ITV-HD satellite:

Click it for full resolution. I have like .4 Gigabyte full of recordings which make the new disc almost full... Nice hobby.

Houseowning goes with with plant arrangements I suppose.

Ikea helps good with furniture of very low prices in comparison: the metal and glass I think cost like 30 euros. Nice quality.

Surround mixing reverb with good audio signal path

I had made reference to the subject last page (or two ago I don't recall) where I'd want to connect the good BluRay player (a Sony S550, of course with latest OS) to my high quality surround system, the main with the prototype analog volume control (under digital control), the rear not yet (I didn't finish the PCB with high grade chips for that purpose yet..), and than to add to the liveliness of the sound or for extra dramatics or simply to imitate the original concert sound I add Lexicon surround (not stereo, not stereo in 4 out, but 4 channels in to 4 channels out with a dedicated Lexicon surround reverb) reverberation effect. Mixed in with distortion free 'passive' mixers so the pristine quality of the main surround sound is maintained, no resampling takes place, and the Lexicon works natural from the analog domain at the input generating analog outputs, which can be mixed in in the right ratio, and also the inputs can be front / rear mixed in the correct ratio with the Lexicon input controls:

Lots of invisible wires back there...

The result is completely worth the effort: I never had such a great sound as from for instance "Legends" with Eric Clapton playing the blues in what with the extra reverb sounds like a real concert space/hall. Nothing I know thus far comes close, very convincing and realistic like a real (good) concert. What are those slider and circular pot in the lower right corner doing? Volume control for front (slider only controls a DC control voltage, no audio) and effect send for front to Lexicon ("post fader"). The second and third slider on the 4 channel stereo passive mixer do the same for the rear (in analog audio domain, a bit more high impedance than would be preferable, but the biamp-ed speakers at the rear have quite good preamplification). An alternative would be to mix the front with reverb in the digital domain (tos output of the bluray player, wetness control on the Lexicon), or to have some machine which picks out the 4 channels from the HDMI conntection and outputs them to tos or something else digital, but I haven't got such machine. The "hybrid" front digital, rear analog mix with reverb, using an analog output of the Sony to drive the analog rear AD  imput of the Lexicon I had tried before, which of course gives a little delay difference between front and rear, but also works great, and has the advantage that the Lexicon probably is quite a bit better DA converter. A little harder to mix though, and it could be certain sounds are a bit prepared for the analog output characteristics of the Sony.

In fact I did a minor improvement/repair to the secondary (lower power) stereo amp of my main amplifier, namely I replaces a potmeter which either didn't properly survive rough transportation (something bumping into it) or it was soldered a touch too long, or both, but anyhow it had a loose contact unless pounded on a little bit:

It's all right now, which is nicer than every time having to switch on the two amps (main and sub), switching the slow start switch, and then hitting the potmeter slightly until is it behaves, and that it can be used now to control the mid-high accurately without failures.

The picture shows the evil-doer in front of the new replacement (the second knob from the right).

Some of my materials on Youtube-HD

I recorded is some years ago in HD (wih the Sony HC-3 1080i cam), and nowadays one can upload the source material straight to Youtube!

This film was made by me at the latest Audio Engineering Society-nl lecture, but it was made in to seperate, uncompressed (ppm, 8 bits per rgb component, 1920x1080 pixels = 6 MegaByte per frame, 25 frames per second) deinterlaced frames by VDPau on my fastest Linux computer system, processed by a small but well done Gaussian filtering using parallel processing of cuda (see here so you could in principle do it yourself) , automatically on all the frames, and then I made a h264 movie of it, where the frames are quite film-like:

Of course Youtube doesn't very much do justice to the result, and I converted to 720 first.

Also, I did some Cinelerra-based complicated compression on the audio part of the lecture.

EMU proteus

That's free (!) but not open source software from EMU who were known for their early samplers (I recorded one with some samples I made long ago, but didn't own one) to sort of "play ROMpler" with a computer, in this case the Hight Definition notebook I use running XPpro:

It actually sounds decent! I had some fun trying some of the quite numerous sounds, and they sound less than a good ROM based sample based synthesizer (like there are many and like I use a Yamaha S90 and a Kurzweil PC3), but quite musical and better than like a soundcanvas or so. And more than a few sable sounds.

Some forum issues


I read this as a kid!

I leanred some electronics from the EE2003 if I recall correctly. Let me make working FM radios when I was like 12. Marvellous, I think.

The speakers I used when I was a little older probably are somewhere in those lists of parts.

Later ob when I was 16 or so I built the 2x70 watt amp from this book to make my self made 2 way speakers work good:


Any good new Cameras ?

Well not on my budget (I don´t have any!). But like I was able to use a HD cam since what 4 years ago (?) there are relatively low priced great cams around, which is interesting.

I've playaed a number of example HD recordings fro the eos 500 and recently the early ones from the 550D from the internet, I think even in the format the camera can produce, on windows HD screen and on  aLinux powered HD screen:

The examples look interesting.

A big red (4k camera pretty expensive but not like the ral expensive ones) recording, played on Linux:

thanks to VDpau the h264 decoding and rendering is up to speed.

New High Definition and quality audio materials I used

All these officially but cheaply bought CDs sound great on my systems, and Thank God: they aren't "mastered to pieces": great !

Some not-really-hd but nicely made and mildy progressive-coded examples:

That´s disk III from the official (not rental) "UP" which I copies to an external server disk, so when the HD notebook is on the local network, it can be started from windows media player with Purevideo rendering, but it´s probably a little less bandwidth and resolution than the DVD.

Recently I could borrow (lend, no, rent is the right word) a BluRay disc about southpole expeditions, with surround recordings from seals imitating, well I suppose analog synthesizers!

An example frame from Werner Herzog's "Encounters at the End of the World" from a small creature sliding in and selecting cells it feeds with.

Bluray of course wins easily in quality of audio, even compared with 384kbps BBC-HD 6 channel surround: uncompressed 24 bit 48 or even more is far superior! And also the about 12 or 16 Mbps video is great for free (!) sat signals from space, but over 30 Mbps bluray gets a little more lively and colorfull still.