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Aug 28, 02:57, 2010

Ray traced computer graphics from 3D models accelerated with Cuda graphics card parallel processing, the model on the lower right can e moved or lit differently almost interactively, try that with pov-ray... :

I used another of the great NVidia Scenix (Or was it optix?) example programs with some changes with an internet found .obj (In fact I converted it using blender) model of the Star Wars Tie-fighter model, and went from this idea of combining it with a HD video I shot to this, using transparency and Cinelerra video mixing:

See my vimeo upload for animated version of this scene.

A talk at the Pluk de nacht Open Air Film Festival from a guy from san Fransico who issues a DVD with short films 3 times a year:

A look around the scene I filmed and put on in HD vimeo.

This would be a cool american dream for now:

Though actually I think I'd be most interested in the same scene with this around, too:

However this kind of other Audi (I'm used to driving a 100 series  model, 5 cyl, 2.3l, 130 hp (I guess)) I tried out on a test day, for half an hour, including highway:

actually it was a reasonably sporty diesel, with boardcomputer, racechairs, etc. Airco worked good, comfortable, I'm sure in the fastest version hard to keep up with, well behaved and accurate and probably energy-safe.

I absolutely didn't feel bad getting back into the 100 again...

Listening CD's, Theo ? Kind of:

I can get some giant sounds from my not so small wel-mastered CDs these ways.

I tested the AdrenaLinn 3 software version:

Maybe I should put a magazin on the internet and ask 15 bucks for it to download, too:

See my self-run wiki for more on this:

ISE webpack and the other sw (for as long as what is it 30 or 90 days, I don;t recall how long the demo versions run) of the Xilinx FPGA design kind are now runningon my Linux (FEdora 12/64 with 2.5 Tera Byte of discspace on the machine), and at least what I used to run on winows runs ok:

I didn't get Impact to run with a USB Spartan 3E500 board I have, which sucks.