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     A short impression in 720p mpeg 4 video, about 1500kbps, while the server has upload link of about 750kbps, so first download, and then view with mplayer or quicktime. That bandwidth is still very low for high definition so audio quality and video quality are very non-broadcast... I used only open source (and free) software to get this movies footage from the HD cam, to edit or view it, and to encode it to this mpeg4 stream, and it plays on a free player for windows, Quicktime, and free and mainly open source mplayer for all kinds of OS-es:

    ibc720l.mp4      (Right/click to ´Save As´, file size: 69.8 MB )

   I was at Amsterdam Ibc for the last two days, saw the Sony/NVidia animation feature movie monday evening, talked with various people, and there were major electronics players enough, only Analog Devices shone through absence as far as I though about that.

Everything from broadcast organisations (e.g. BBC research) to camera manufacturers (I played with a 120kEu wireless HD cam a bit), from pure electronics manufacturers (TI, Xilinx) to ´workflow´ (aarrgg) and graphics companies, etc.

I was approached by a guy from a content protection company who sell cards for pay per view and such. I explained all I deal with at the moment is a .org and that I make Open Source (or at least thus far: Free) movies, which get seen by dozens and more people over the internet. Logically I might want to make a cashbuster Swarzenecker feature film and make sure I get reveneus, too, yet I could smell ´Open Source is right´ in the air. I don´t mind if I were in a normal life paying a few euros to rent a DVD, though internet resources are too expensive to my taste at the moment, but who is going to make sure prices are right and piracy stays under control or better put: what will motivate a decent money structure, and get good (HD ?) movies made ?

<>Maybe someone who can create, edit and distribute them with two bags which can be caried around all day, walking. Then again, I don´t mind the big Sony cams (or others) and a huge editing room and major movie viewing possibilities.

Including sound...

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