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Aug 8, 01:32, 2011

Usage ? I guess a bottle per year, at most...

The crowded pond I dug once.

For hedgehogs

Open Air free film festival, crowded even on a rainy day.

Expensive houses in San Franciscom with imaginary cars. Well, they exist, but the lower one is an electric prototype only. I'd want it.

A well tuned gated mid range averaging circuit followed by a 4 band mulit-expander.

A 30 band multi-compressor running at 192kHz sampling frequency, later in reduced to low midrange for epanding and gating the FFT-compressed equalizer.

An ipad (not mine) wireless couped with a notbook for interner, which in turn gets internet from a phone which is connected of bluetooth.

An Aes-nl demo:

It was about dipole bass speakers, but didn't work that great, there was a barbecue, too.


I tried the software because someone told me it could work on Linux, too. Was fun, but I didn't sound that great on my system, and it didn't convince me wrt the physical modeling.

distributed audio+midi
Midi from one machine to another over computer ethernet works with Jack.

192 mplayer/B&O
I tried out an ethernet sound connection over gigbit ethernet between the I7 server this page is on and a I7 notebook running linux (too) and havning put the 192kS/s result on the small B&O speakers on it, it sounded vert good, spatious and nice, worth it.

Rolling stones/epiano
I made a Kurzweil sound for the rolling stones song "Daddy don't you cry" with a youtube demo of it.

studio paths
big screen
The 28inch sreen from my home page has been repaired on guarantee because it stopped working on it's hdmi input, it sure is on every day for ten hours easy...

new modem
After a lot of internet issues I was told by the supplier that the old internet adsl modem was broken, and it has been renewed for free. All works ok again, now.

sfgate pics + comment

bbc4 recordings