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Oct 3, 22:35, 2011

A well kown town around the biggest dutch lake (formerly a sea).

A hedgehog in an improvised feeding place of which a storm blew the top in the pond.



An Ikea LED light. Almost a nice shear.

Deep Audio Considerations/Tests

Below some screenshots from the (miraculously cheap) I7 notebook (someone has a nice graphics card switch program for fedora ?) running Fedora 14/64bit running low res (I currently put on Fedora 16/64 alpha with kernel 3.0, gnome 3 and that gets the full HD resolution), connected to the I7 server with a "simple" gigaether switch, sending and receiving 192kHz/24bit audio streans and midi with Jack-net 2.

meanwhile I installed Fedora 16-apha with Linux  kernel 3.0 and Gnome-3 on it, getting at least the Full High Definition back!

The main processing chains are for: mulitband-mulit-compression, mid range gated-averaging, FFT-eq based mulitband low-mid gating/expansion/ccompression. All this processing runs at 192 kile samples per second in 23 bit per channel fliating point Jack-based audio.

The dsp mailing list

I started a campaign on sampling issues, and at least there was serious response.

It seems indeed a lot of people don't know sampling theory, luckily the Electrical Engineers appear to remember.

"Mobile Parking"

Tried it, it's ok, but shouldn't rerplace the dime-for-and-hour arangement with actual dimes. But the prepaid web version works fine on the communicator internet phone.

web browding bay area


nice and grandure.


Am I still into High Quality Video ?

Of course.

I tried recent nvidia card driver "hqscaling=1" with mplayer, different colour spaces, transcoded over schroedinger/dirac and found I could use ffmpeg with mpeg-2 VDPAU, which is cool for my twenty+ hours of Sony HD recordings.

Of course i have Gigabytes full of High definition english films/docus whic I watchm recently also on a nice new fast respinging LED 15 inch FULL HD screen:

Upscaled cable TV from Pinnacle hardware mpeg box

Fight for you right to party