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Nov 14, 19:39, 2012

That's when I made the beginning of this reporting page.

Asus rules ?!

Well I now use Asus motherboards, graphics cards (not the NVidia chip of course) and a great Asus screen:

I'ts got QWHD (2560x1440 pixels) resolution, well made LED lighting, and various movie enhancement and color accuracy modes (like Apple compatible sRGB mode), and after the other "special" (Hann.G) screen, this LCD is of special type, too. And it's less energy greedy: only 40 W (instead of over a 100W for my previous officially 500cd screen). It  can do great things with movies on the computer with the GT640 card doing a lot of filtering, and on bluray with 1080p (progressive) and includes 50 Hz and 24 fps (film) mode. The I7 computer is connected over DVi for the full resolution, but: the first screen unit I got from Asus broke down after a week...

What to do with so many pixels on a screen, except insanely detailed HD movies?

Click on the images for the huge screendump (4 times larger than the above).

Progress on the Kurzweil recording front

I've been working on the Kurzweil sounds in various ways, including VAST+KDFX multi-compression, mid range processing and tube effects. That's similar to what I've done with Linux programs and audio effects, but now these effects run in the Kurzweil itself, using the VAST processing layers combined with the built in KDFX units.

Working with the following ideas is bringing progress in general, at this point getting near some of the sound-types I'm interested in:

  1. New operating system version for the PC3
  2. attention for analog or digital output, with or without (quality) upsampling (from 44.1/48 to mainlu 192kS/s)
  3. use of tube effects with averagin in the low-mids
  4. loudness control via mid-frequency range averaging
  5. multi-band compression to accentuate or bring out some of the hidden life in the instrument
Meanwhile I found new errors in the Kurzweil software, like missing notes from a EPiano patch, which suggests there is some module in the machine which allows for choices to be made about what notes to sound (withut having lack of DSP power or voices to allocate). Not right.

Real parrots

The Universe

I've got this nice book from a sale, so now I need to read and remember, of maye it allows reading and understanding main lines, lets find out.

LED lights

None of them work yet. No. Some do, and they're a bit fun. Maybe the Ikea spots I like lose intensity soon.

Great computer chip news

Adaptiva is going to make $99 cards with Zinq running Linux and their multicore floating point chip with fast network connections.

That should run some interesting stuff, like low power audio processing (Ubuntu on the Zynq and the 16 core chip together should not need more than a few watts).

Wild Nature

An Audi doing 91 km/l or 214 US MPG ?!?!

It appears to become so with the "switchlane" . Amazing, twice as little energy as the A3etron.

This one should be mine at some point in the future, that'd be cool: