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I've ditched the usual header for the moment, I think it doesn't help much anyhow.
This page is copyrighted by me, and may be read and transfered by any means only as a whole and including the references to me. I guess thats normal, the writer can chose that of course, maybe I´ll make some creative commons stuff one day, of course I have made Free and Open Source software and even hardware designs available!

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  Fri Oct 31 22:19, 2008

"This page is best viewed on a full HD screen!"

Isn´t that cute? No, quite true, though.

Server statistics of this year:

Summary by Month

Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits

Oct 2008 726 609 66 38 1943 5369146 1187 2064 18881 22515
Sep 2008 1043 845 125 39 2447 4201245 1198 3763 25373 31303
Aug 2008 887 772 81 42 1789 6376547 1314 2537 23944 27527
Jul 2008 882 755 111 49 1934 6397558 1545 3445 23414 27342
Jun 2008 704 586 85 48 1957 10821574 1456 2573 17604 21149
May 2008 782 619 116 56 2439 49249541 1760 3604 19210 24263
Apr 2008 663 494 87 54 2074 12749849 1642 2626 14841 19913
Mar 2008 683 557 70 35 2273 10608585 1113 2199 17285 21200
Feb 2008 509 417 40 16 571 5742718 359 883 9183 11204
Jan 2008 86 47 15 6 8 7323 18 46 141 259

Totals 111524086 11592 23740 169876 206675

The magical 30,000 hits per month limit crossed in september, well well, I don´t even recall doing much to cause that, maybe the AES audio demo I did, I don´t know. 10 DVD´s uploaded in May, that´s a bit too much maybe ? I don´t know, the provider officially was chosen by me to allow a webserver, 50 gig per month is a bit much I suppose, but for the server is peanuts, I do quite a lot more per week if I´m busy with HD materials on the local net.

     A shrunk frame from a HD scene I made

Another AES meeting

About an orchestra amplication setup in a fairly well known theater, however moved from the original location (Vredenburg).

Well, well those impulse response based reverbs...

A multiscreen setup

I had the chance to obtain a 1920x1200 pixel monitor/screen of 28 inch for a really challinging price (only a small part of 3 digits), which is a probably new technology (Hanspree) 3mS, 500Cd/m^2, HDMI/DHCP nice black looking piece of machine providing quite more than average brightness (about twice) and appears the require the 100 Watts to prove it... HDMI means it can get signals from a HD DVD player, which in that case also can be assured the copy protection is available so it shows it's best resolution, or a HD camera (works totally great), and so for a relatively low price can show real and bright and fast 1080 HD. All computers can also be connected over a DVI to HDMI converter cable, which works great, or using a standard monitor cable.

The pictures below show the screen in test on a Pentium D media computer running at the moment XP, using a little over 50 frames per second (fr matching TV films and especially the HD camera materials at 50 or 25 (after processing) fps. The size is huge compared to the 17 inch (large) notebook screen and the thus far large 22 inch Philips (1680x1050).

Some blowups of movie frames from a HD DVD player:

The times 8 symbol comes from the movie player, I didn't edit it in, and the blownup titles show the imperfections when the material is blown up.

Full 1080 mpeg2 and DTS-HD sound are great in many cases.

Probably this is one of the most fun tests, the HD camera connected to a HD monitoring HD notebook screen (real time with a little delay) and simultaneously a live connection over HDMI (digital) to the new screen running in 1080i/50 mode with the camera live or recorded images.

Notebook maintenance

There are two main kinds: cleaning and mechanic and software maintenance, and another, bad kind: virus and such removal.

The latter has plaged me now for the first time in I guess two years of fairly intensive use (by two person, but mainly my use). What can I say: 72 pollutions of whatever brrr kind after probably one mistake, while a few weeks before I checked there was no problem whatsoever (by the same free virus scan, and occasional process list and netstat check). Cost me a day and a half because I spend only a few hours a time (I was annoyed a bit) but it's running perfectly good again with XP Pro, SP2, no updates, and more (legal and normal) software than God might allow for some... No, just joking, it has quite a bit of software from HD video editing and viewing to Digital Hardware design packages in various versions.

So after it was cool again (it is normally connected to a quite fast ADSL modem/router and an additional switch which only allow one specific stream coming from the outside internet, which is hard linked to connect to the hardware address of the Linux server this page is on), I thought I'd clean the screen, and try to grease the fans inside the big scientific notebook:

It has a measured bus speed of 2.5 Gigabyte per second according to a Linux test tool (it runs Linux, too) which used to be fast for desktops, even, and clearly above the heatpipes abobe the main Nvidia professional Quadro graphics card can be seen, and the place for the fans on the sides, which I took out, vacuum cleaned, and supplied with new oik for the bearing, which indeed made them sound quieter, run better and I guess have more lifetime (there from little over 2 years ago).

So it works good again, and I though I'd try it with an external HD screen on top of the built-in HD screen (real 1080+, 1920x1200 actual pixels), either as the only screen (brighter, bigger, less wear for the builtin screen in non-portable use) or (I just tried on Fedora 8) as extra screen, so that the total screen size is more than twice 1080 HD! Worked great, video an span poth screens (I have no more than 2K material, though), I transcoded  the new James Bond trailer (in 1080 HD of course) from h264/mov to mp4 and mpeg-2 which mplayer can play without hickups and look smashing on the new screen.

pas d'envie

As electronicist I think that's kind of an average motto for the last decades for many.