Theo Verelst Local Diary Page 58

I've ditched the usual header for the moment, I think it doesn't help much anyhow.
This page is copyrighted by me, and may be read and transfered by any means only as a whole and including the references to me. I guess thats normal, the writer can chose that of course, maybe I´ll make some creative commons stuff one day, of course I have made Free and Open Source software and even hardware designs available!

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This page is under contruction, so check back later, too.

  Mon Nov 20 9:20, 2008

"This page is best viewed on a full HD screen!" Probably true...

I started this page while watching 'Grease' on a HD screen connected to the server machine this page is on, with my big audio system doing the TV (Cable via the good quality pinnacle deluxe usb box) amplification, to listen to the songs, production and TV audio tracks and transmission quality.

This statue is where the fair used to be or lets say where the gouvernement buildings are close in my city of birth (picture from the wikipedia). I think I knew the place as a 4 year old already because I'd be taken to the fair with dodge cars and spun sugar and not to forget major voice and music blasting speakers and amps.

The song to this statue:

In Den Haag daar woont een graaf

In Den Haag daar woont een graaf
En zijn zoon heet Jantje.
Als je vraagt: Waar woont je pa?
Dan wijst hij met zijn handje.
Met zijn vingertje en zijn duim,
Op zijn hoed draagt hij een pluim,
Aan zijn arm een mandje.
Dag, mijn lieve Jantje!

In Den Haag, daar woont een graaf,
en zijn zoon hiet Jantje,
als je vraagt: waar woont je pa?
Dan wijst hij met zijn handje,
Eerst met zijn vinger en dan met zijn duim;
Hij heeft een jagersmutsje op
Met een huzarenpluim.

To start of.
(All frames from a HD recording I just made , really, as I've written repeatedly lately, these are frames from playing the movies I recorded in HD, without processing in this case)

(Click for a processed version)


The little supercomputer inside the latest NVidia graphics cards (I think a GTX 260, which is quite hefty, is about 300 euros now) is quite powerfull having 200 processors with I think 300 or more gigaflops, so I thought I'd try wether I could run the NVidia compiler for the parallel threads for such a graphics card machine on the Fedora 8/64 Server.

It appears to work for the cuda software, I after some fiddling with the obvious paths and adjusting some include files (I use the too new gcc 4.3.0 or so compiler) got cuda C to compile, except I can't compile the Xwindows programs, because I'd need X header and library files which would at the moment be hard to find (some obscure verion, and the system disc is pretty full), so only the shell interface only cudas work.

It'd be great to run synthesis software on the cuda processors provided the audio path can work, probably that could give stable and powerfull sound synthesis algorithms to work, but I can't try it out, I only tried the compiler, no graphics card I normally have access to has cuda. There are cheap ones for 50 euros that do, though. It is a pitty the quadro card in the powefull notebook is just one or two versions before he quadro cards with cuda.

There is open source software for the Cudas, and also commercial, like this:

  Antenna Modeling Design System

A dwarf palm in weird flashlight:

This I'm reading about

This, too (eehh, yeah I can read and understand and explain both the physics and the parallel computing part):

HD DVDs (little red logo on top) for sale ("voor wènag" oh nee, "voah wenug"):

And I got "The Graduate" with the world famous Simon and Garfunkel tracks in quite different (good) rendering on good quality sound track for 4 euro (I mean the official thing, not some lame copy, so this lets the artists, and Universal (..), live). Which I can make work like in cinema, really, also the soundtrack, except the HD player I use can only use a stereo audio output, so no surround.

For the Bluray deartment, I'm looking for 7.1 discs, because mostly 5.1 is used, which is great though:

The stage with Marcus Miller on bass, Eric Clapton on guitar, David Sanborn on saxophone, Joe Sample on piano and Steve Gad on drums. Not perfect images ? Nah, more pro too, because they aren't smoothified.

A model hanger, Theo? Well, they fly! And cost like 30 euro per two, so that's cool.

Still page 1 of Negele and Orlands' Quantum Many Particle Physics which I want to write an explanation about for lets say univerity people with not much theorectical physics knowledge, and to show how these higher (Infinite number of Hilbert Spaces) mathematics work in principle.

You see those YM21280 and 90 chips on the left? Those are the real computation engines for the world famous Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer which I also had long ago which make the great and for the time quite complicated and hard to compute 6 operator FM sounds. Very Large Scale Integration chips that motivated me to work in such area (around '84/'85).

I should be able to run this on a good PC, or more fun on an FPGA but the exact algorithms and chip workings are patented, and not available. Imitations there are.

I found this with a creative commons licence on wikipedia, San Francisco in 1851. In some parts of America you could buy land for the current day equivalent of 50 dollar or so per acre.

I think I want to fit this on a 3D image from googleearth. Even better on a terrein image for gelato.