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May 24, 2009

Two quotes from The Enforcer (They´re a bit wrong):

   "Ueh, Calahan, you´re on the wrong side.
     Those people wouldn´t let you in the front door any more as they would me."

   "This little Wild West show of yours is exactly the thing this departmentis no longer prepared to tolerate!
     Don´t you remember the meeting?
     What meeting?
     The meeting right here in your office, you said priority one, run these hoods out of sanfrancisco.
     But I didn´t tell you to use violence!
     Then what would you want me to do, yell ´trick or treat´ at them? "

Truth or dare?


That´s sort of a part of NVidia PureVideo, which I use for HD viewing on the computer, but with more to it on Linux. A decoder and a video renderer device with accelleration from the recent NVidia cards´ built in powerful video processor, in this case being used from Fedora 10/64 on a Geforce 9500GT card.

Mplayer is the guilty party in this case: since february it allows compilation with vdpau acceleration and output device enabled from a recent NVidia graphics card driver (180.50 or so I seem to recall), which I upgraded first, and indeed the source repository snapshot I downloaded on 27th of may compiled with the acceleration working, which makes for great HD and Tv rendering, even though, contrary to PureVideo, the CPU is still running quite a bit, but which enables probably more optimizations on top of perfect de-interlace like probably colour filtering, and like sharpening and de-noising, which actually works, and can give great looking picture when set right, both on HD film I made or on TV. Two farily random screen dumps:

Amsterdam conservatory presentation at the BIM-huis, filmed without tripod from 10 meters away, no processing, auto-focus.

See above for the mplayer command line I used to see the TV as shown, a random screendump with sharpening and some denoising on from a cable station. 200 Watts for watching TV is steep, but then there is an amount of control and pretty good picture without messy processing.

From this type of TV (coming from the pinnacle box on the server) even the HD1000 beamer can make a good picture (on full screen with the right program), which is pretty miraculous in general, because on the 2 meter 30 screen with the 720 (more than TV) resolution TV and the beamers colour accurate DLP processing, most anything wrong becomes painfully visible straight away of course.

I hacked mplayer a bit so it would also give me full screen vfpau accelerated decoding and rendering of live tv:

The screendump program got a few frames confused, those lines aren´t in the picture as I remember, but it´s a screen at 60Hz, so it isn´t perfect. And honestly, the frames being broadcast are regularly not very perfect either.

Reverb experiments

A decompressed and sub-low enhanced AC-DC "walk right over you" fragment pushed through two impulse response reverbs in sequence, the first mixed with a parallel reverb with feedback and zero phase filters, the second cascaded with a plate reverb simulation :

       acrev [.wav]   (  4.7 MB)        acrev [.mp3]    (0.9 MB)

I use to love the sound of a gated reverb, so I tried to make on from an existing impulse, to try out a gated impulse reverb, here being tried with the hydrogen drumcomputer:

  gatedrev [.wav]   (16.2 MB)   gatedrev [.mp3]    (2.9 MB)

This version had audacity to force a damped envelope on the impulse file, beware that this program if I recall correctly changes audio files even when no processing is done, so maybe it isn´t very good for adapting impulses:

Gate-like characteristic from Nero Wave Editor:

I used an extra non-impulse, feedback containing reverb to make the sound less dull, and indeed the gated reverb effect shines somewhat like it should.

Experiments with the PC3 editor

Because I was interested in the Kurzweil PC3 algorithms, and of course have a background in sound synthesizer software design (I had a small company as student where I´d made a extensive DX7 sound library program) I downloaded the PC3 editor and had a look at it.

It works, but unfortunately has no changable font size, so it always looks small on a HD screen:

In spite of this, the many controls of the PC require more screenspace than even a whole HD screen, so for using it good, maybe an added HD could be nice, but then the windows cannot always be seperated. A nice X window per control set wouldn´t be bad...

Trying FM algos, Theo? A well, I know there was a company which made FM type sounds for the 1/2000 series, so I wondered what was possible, or wether they would just sample. I guess not, since not all Ks can sample, just like the PCs can´t.

Four sine waves, with lots of settings and modulation, and 32 layers per sound, is something...

Recording devices

I saw this add from the korg website

The  BB/TI PCM4202, that´s interesting: local diary 20 , I have samples of those too, I thought they had real good specs. It´s a whole lot of electronics knowledge and skills later before you get the specs for such sensitive parts from you PCB, of course.

Sounds like a nice machine for making DTS tracks on Bluray discs, especially for high quality concert recordings.

Bristol analog synth simulation update

I saw the Bristol newpage on sourceforge making clear a lot of improvements had been made, so I downloaded version .4 (I had version .3, see ).
I now could try a working Moog explorer simulation, which is great. The B3 worked, which sound humbles, but adorable nice, probably totally preferable over the NI version, in spite of complete lack of lickedness, apart from the good graphics.

"Direct from the phone" pictures

The pool has been aside and dirty, and now it is also treated with the lawnmower (I did not, really not), and I guess the aliens have visited:

The pond is cool:

The following ones were shurnk an processed with Gimp (for a change, I don´t have Cinapaint on XP):

Needless to say it´s not likely I did the flower arrangement.

This I did though: Irish coffee with great whiskey, needless the say I take considerable distance from drinking the decaf version...

The supply from an number of years old notebook (5?) still fairly fast though for the time is was a good sale of course had a broken low voltage wire after having been used and transorted to various places:

I repaired it working but not fully as new, just like the fan some years ago. It´s a bit noisy machine, but still good. The newer notebook I´m happy to use (A Dell M90 core duo/Nvidia Quadro graphics, full high quality HD screen) has a fanless 150W supply, with rubber cable thus far being ok, while having been transported (though I think not abroad like the other one) and publically used too.

An Agilent webcast about radar ?!

Well, that would sound like a secret internal communication from the military, and possibly from quite some decades ago.

But of course currently rader is even used for counting people in a mall (maybe I don´t agree) and of course Agilent makes top technology of the kind that other cannot even dream to make in decades to come, so that´s always interesting. Like when you want to make a machine with certain specs and you know that another company makes machines with so much bettter specs it actually measure yours accurately..

This was IIRC a measurement where reflected pulse train was checked for probably phase trend using an FFT

I always get slight creeps when I hear that term, especially ehrn the interfacel looks windows-like.

Return to Forever

But then the 2008 concert in  from Chick Corea and band: great Bluray:

Other additional Blurays (Not DVDs) I tested the home cinema system with are:

   Casine Royale
   Across the Universe
   National Treasure 1 & 2
   Chicken little
   Sky high
   Eight Below
   Santa Claus
   The hunting party
   The Merchant of Venice
   The Usual Suspects

Some of the later disneys are starting to get a good full surround sound. Now lets wait for cinema loudness (no flattened sound) and two extra sound tracks for 7.1 ! From the above Music Bluray I found that PCM tracks with 24 bits uncompressed are also possible in the bluray format, which is an certain improvement for movies over 16 bits, which regularly is used.

All this for under 10,-:

And the great thing: no additional master messing or additional master compression and processing, it sounds like the originals.

Also ounds great with mid-range polishing by Jamin.