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I've ditched the usual header for the moment, I think it doesn't help much anyhow.
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Jul 31, 01:15, 2010

Digital photographs of a view of the moon.

I am watching six million dollar man from dvd  because there is no better..

I had to compile Rosegarden for Fedora 12/64 to get some audio files to load in and align up:

wasn´t a breeze, but it works, I found out it also checks remote control signals

Always cool ?

Dutch TV after like 12 or 2 AM, random screne dumps form the main commercial channels:

something, isn´t it ?!

More interesting in aome ways probably:

Two Audi with electric power, so chargable by solar power for instance, one small one with a very energy efficient hybrid approach, more than 1:50  (kilometers per liter) !

Over 300 Hp, I think I´d like that...

Looking at the pre WOII radio shack guide is interesting:

I think the price of switches is only corrected for inflation in the meanwhile...

Very interestingly I looked at communication receivers from that time, and checked the (tube based) schematics and operating manual.

HD recordings I made, put on youtube:

They don´t get prettier that way.

Web server traffic for audio examples I made:

This is a great idea, a portable DSD recorder from a good brand:


More Bluray watching confirms with accurate tuning good and ibteresring results are possiblde (but there could be less limitations and hardships).

Great, when do I get to go there ?