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Sat Jun 25 09:34:30 PM CEST 2022
A new server after 12 years of good service, now you're being served by a I7 12700 with a fast motherboard and some heavier specs, up to contemporary standards.

I'll make some pictures to put on here.

Feb. 2010: This server is a new pretty fast I7 machine I built together, meaning its faster than the previous hardware that ran for 4 years or so. Not all the same thing I'd installed on the previous hardware can simply be carried over to this Fedora 14/64bit machine, so some links don't work (web scripts, webcam, searching). The pictures, movies and pages are all available. Untill all has been reinstalled this server is limited!

Local Homepage



  Notice: All pictures and texts on this site are copyrighted by T. Verelst, and may not be freely used except for web viewing from this server !
(And fair journalistic or so use of course)


Jan 2018: I've got a nice music track for sale at cdbaby !

Have a look and leave a message on my wiki (if you dare), no need for login!

Aug 26 '11: I'm going to start basic and advanced Audio Digital Signal Processing pages.

Most images on this page can be clicked.

A cover of "Another one Bytes The dust" made by me on the basis of a internet Midi file:
   wav file (CD quality, 31 MB) see also here.

On the Tck wiki, my BWise program.

Work in progress, it´s a ethernet controlled analog signal path mixer I am making (indeed, myself).

New: The incredible (local) Jukebox, which plays a music song on the server and the connected audio system, when it is on. Basicallyou need to wait when for instance the garden door is open, and the equipment on but no music of mine playing, bring your portable internet (for instance a mobile phone with browser, click on the Jukebox link, and you (normally I) can chose to play one of the 1600+ songs in perfect wav quality. Of course I don't upload these songs... I should do a demo of this maybe some day, somewhere.

New! Beware of the BirdCam..


My latest diary page (See also the list  by clicking on the Diary logo above).

The main quadro amp.

          Me playing the synthesizer, in High Definition on youtube (click image for part 1, also: part 2 and part 3).

I made this (originally HD) video from a recent Audio Engineering Society (dutch section) meeting:
    (click to go to their page)

The main 5 way (including sub), tri-amped, electronically (not digitally) filtered audio system I made myself being listened to (Jean Michel Jarre from CD quality disk) using a Lexicon 24 bit DA converter, openerated from a convenient 28 inch 500cd bright, 3 mS responsetime , HD monitor (333 euros, a great sale!) showing this server by a long DVI wire, running jack on Fedora 8/64 bit Linux, with extended wireless mouse and keyboard, which can also show pretty good quality TV from the server. See my Audio Page (and the older one)

Research: creating exact waves for music with my bwise and Maxima, and a Linux sound program I made. There is also a server script which allows formal mathematical formulas to be put into mp3 sound.

See this page on a higher bandwidth server for some HD film material I made.

Local, because it is served from a Linux/apache webserver, which I installed and maintain myself, even though the machine wasn't paid for by me, I did put the machine together from parts as well. It's a 3.3GHz Athlon 64bit running Redhat Fedora Core 4/64 which is on a ' normal' but fast consumer Adsl modem allowing about 0.750 Mega bits/sec. upload speed, costing about 6% processor load when fully used by people surfing to these pages, meaning at the same time someone with a 512 adsl line together with 4 people fully using their 56k6 modem or their (single) Isdn line, at full bandwidth. Cool enough. It is not really sufficient for high quality video serving, for instance HD movies need to be downloaded at much slower speeds than direct playing would require.

An example HD movie I did recently (screen dump from a 720p version playing good on Quicktime):

My self designed, built, and programmed digital simulation of a analog sound Midi synthesizer.

See my latest work in the FPGA based synthesis field.

All photographs were made and processed (and copyrighted) by me

  A self made movie, with self written and performed music.

"Le Rève" Chavannes, photographed by me at the Louvre in Paris.

Get a free fortune cookie ( tcl script on the server calling the unix fortune program, I didn´t adjust the -o (offensive) option...).

A performance car, but it doesn´t even need to do 10,000km/y...

A set of High Definition materials I succesfully watched on my systems (more than 60 by now). From here:

? Mostly not, but that´s part of the speaker setup and the big screen support.
And the quality, compared to for instance Gran Torino in a commercial cinema? Well the beamer is 720 (not 1080) and maybe not as bright (but close enough) but does it´s DLP work very good, comparison possible. And honestly my sound is often better, in the sense of more nautral (from DTS-HD and trueHD), and possibly louder...

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