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  Notice: All pictures and texts on this site are copyrighted by T. Verelst, and may not be freely used except for web viewing from this server !
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New: The incredible (local) Jukebox, which plays a music song on the server and the connected audio system, when it is on. Basicallyou need to wait when for instance the garden door is open, and the equipment on but no music of mine playing, bring your portable internet (for instance a mobile phone with browser, click on the Jukebox link, and you (normally I) can chose to play one of the 1600+ songs in perfect wav quality. Of course I don't upload these songs... I should do a demo of this maybe some day, somewhere.

New! Beware of the BirdCam..


My latest diary page (See also the list  by clicking on the Diary logo above).
See this page on a higher bandwidth server for some HD film material I made.

Local, because it is served from a Linux/apache webserver, which I installed and maintain myself, even though the machine wasn't paid for by me, I did put the machine together from parts as well. It's a 3.3GHz Athlon 64bit running Redhat Fedora Core 4/64 which is on a ' normal' but fast consumer Adsl modem allowing about 0.750 Mega bits/sec. upload speed, costing about 6% processor load when fully used by people surfing to these pages, meaning at the same time someone with a 512 adsl line together with 4 people fully using their 56k6 modem or their (single) Isdn line, at full bandwidth. Cool enough. It is not really sufficient for high quality video serving, for instance HD movies need to be downloaded at much slower speeds than direct playing would require.

All self made prototypes: synth, amp, speakers, DA conv. at hollands biggest musicians fair.

                My self designed, built, and programmed digital simulation of a analog sound Midi synthesizer.
  See also my latest work in the FPGA based synthesis field.
The excellent quality powered, biamped studio monitors I compiled and use Cinerella 2.0 on Redhat  Fedora Core 4/64 and Core 5, also with 1080 HD content.

  The standard teapot by  Gelato renderer (I printed a 50x75cm poster of this). ADDITIVE SYNTHESIS       Self made high quality USB AD/DA converter. A mini low power Linux machine with ethernet and a 60Gig small USB drive (even tcl).

   I lectured, demood and video taped at Fosdem Open Source Conference in Brusselles probably the biggest in Europe.    

AES-NL LECTURE An interesting electronics oriented AES lecture froma american. I gave a short expo of my works recently at philips natlab at the end of year AES-NL meeting.

All photographs except  three were made and processed (and copyrighted) by me.

  A self made movie, with self written and performed music.

"Le Rève" Chavannes, photographed by me at the Louvre in Paris.

Realtime 3D graphics on Linux and Windows.    Robert Cray at Northsea Jazz ´05.    Barbara in a mid France garden.  Barbara on bridge in Amsterdam, 2002 lamppost on bridge in A´dam   Joe Lovano  at NSJ  me squatted next to a bench on a dune at the sea in Scheveningen.     B.  playing  digital piano.  Sunset near the Hague.  Dutch beach.      A horse on a slope in france. small steamengine.  This walkman served me for years, but now almost  the on-off button fails. good music never hurts. camping near Tcl Conference in Nürnberg.
   This was eary 90s when  I worked for years at Delft University, Network theory section, EE, after I graduated there as MSc. / Ir engineer in dutch.   
I felt great in this hotel in Brusselles.  A short lecture of mine at brussels uni with audio demo Me at the right in Les Vosgez before a rock and roll performance last year.  Decades ago I went to bibleschool halfway this street in the Hague.  The (new) Music (Cultural) Centre of Delft University where I have been active for years in the past.      From my 12th through twens I was sailing for about a month a year.     Around '90 I was here often at the original Muzisch Centrum of Delft University.

Get a free fortune cookie ( tcl script on the server calling the unix fortune program, I didn´t adjust the -o (offensive) option...).

I´m into High Definition TV at the moment I can make 1080i material and also display it, and edit movies at such quality. A (noisy) example of what HD looks like is shown below, this fits only on a screen of at least 1920x1080 pixels, which is a lot more pixels than most computer screens at the moment have, but looks real good on a HD capable screen. Imagine this picture is static, but HD movies actually move at these resolutions, and using the Nvidia Purevideo capabilities of at least a 6000 series card, these size images can move smooth, really completely smooth even, at 25 frames per second (or 50 interlaced for 1080i) for just $20 by allowing the graphics card to accelerate MPEG-2 decoding in hardware for windows media player. I know, I know, its hard enough to get DVD or anormal TV (D1 video) signal to work without stutter and blocks for most ´normal´ computers but I´d swear on my (virtual) mothers grave I can play these movies REALLY without stutter and even well-de-interlaced (a pentium D930 3Gig with 6700nvidia card and serial ata recent disc helps, of course) which is great:

I´m sure the jpeg is already to big to be comfortable, but picture quality has suffered when compared to the original because of jpeg compression, and motion makes the noise a bit clearer, but also more distributed....

Recent screen dumps:

   BBC widescreen sat video, live dutch 2d chamber (300 kbps?), live Nasa TV (300kbps), a heavy graphics application, a pdf webpage with hebrew, task window (size: 1680x1050).

The old main page is still here.

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